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• April 26, 2012

The Bangkok base multi disciplinary design firm “Apostrophys” have competed their office design. The Modernist glass box extension with pine wood element among the green garden. It is attracted many neighbor to see what happen inside.

apostrophys sofficezone27 600x749 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

Image courtesy Apostrophy's

apostrophys sofficezone0 600x873 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

Image courtesy Apostrophy's

Due to the compact space of the commercial town home that consequence the designer have to utilize all space efficiently and economically. The existing structure has been keep except the wall on ground floor level which prepare for working area. The existing wall has been change to full height glass and glass box extension. It created more space and also allow the crews to see the outdoor green garden with the set of pine wood relaxing table. Especially, the wooden table at the center can conceal to the ground level. So, it is flexible to use the space. And also, all the office furniture made from wood which are flexible and adaptable. Whereas, all the complicated systematic wire have been concealed. For all above reason that cause ‘The universal space’ for motivating the imagination and also relaxing at the same time.

apostrophys sofficezone13 600x749 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

Image courtesy Apostrophy's

Up to the second floor, there is the self of reference DVDs in front of private living area. For this area is designed for relaxing while he can still follow his work all the time. It serves to the compact space for the best example is the adaptable desk in the cabinet which can turn to be the desk or conceal it whenever want. Then before stepping up to the third floor, there are wall display of some successful project to remind and present what Apostrophys is. Then reach to the third floor which located library and meeting room. The designer still use the same concept as the ground floor. The wooden furniture has been use and the green garden ‘pocket terrace’ is placed.

apostrophys sofficezone5 600x703 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

Image courtesy Apostrophy's

apostrophys sofficezone9 600x470 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

Image courtesy Apostrophy's

On the other hand, Apostrophys’ office is as a laboratory which has several things to store. So, many part of office’s wall is turned to be a ‘Mega wall’ storage. As well as the tiny space for example space under the bed for blanket storage, space under the desk for PC case storage, and the slot for remote control on the to of the DVD player self. Every space does not keep it waste.

apostrophys sofficezone22 600x479 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

Image courtesy Apostrophy's

Moreover the highlight of this office will be appear after the sun set. Begin with the exterior view, the wooden post and lintel structure are glow adjacent to the glass box extension among the green shrub. That creates the fantastic scenario to awake the work crew alive. Then the interior space, the lighting are placed to the tide and tiny space such as the back of the selves, the edge of the ceiling and the slope of the stair. These lighting can created a wider space by flooding the area glow and also created the focal point to accent some area.

In conclusion, the office of “Apostrophys” who expert in new media, lighting and exhibition design is the perfect mixture of nature and technology. It is the place for synthesis the exciting project but also the warm home for relaxation.

apostrophys Plan 03 600x960 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

1st floor plan, drawing courtesy Apostrophy's

apostrophys Plan 02 600x960 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

2nd floor plan, drawing courtesy Apostrophy's

apostrophys Plan 01 600x958 Apostrophys Office \ Apostrophys

3rd floor plan, drawing courtesy Apostrophy's

+ All images and drawings courtesy Apostrophy’s

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