ARUMJIGI Furniture Project 2011 \ dialoguemethod

• April 29, 2012

This project is preparing with ARUMJIGI Culture Keepers Foundation for discovering practicality in tradition.

ARUMJIGI Sofa 1 600x469 ARUMJIGI Furniture Project 2011 \ dialoguemethod

Sofa + Stool, image courtesy dialoguemethod | Photo by Lee, Jong Keun

ARUMJIGI Daybed 3 600x450 ARUMJIGI Furniture Project 2011 \ dialoguemethod

Dad bed, image courtesy dialoguemethod | Photo by Lee, Jong Keun

Beauty in Everyday Living Furniture : Discovering Practicality in Tradition

In the process of discovering the identity of Korean furniture while working on this project, I found it very interesting that the archetype of tradition ironically has elements of contemporary design in many respects.

Simple Joseon furniture looks very modern. Traditional Korean architecture shows simple and understated beauty without being artificial.

With this in mind, I intended to create furniture that reflects the natural beauty found in tradition and yet should aesthetically suit the modern lifestyle (Natural X Modern).

I tried to forge a connection between mass production that is typical of home furniture (Handmade X Mass Production). This was the starting point as well as the finishing point in design for this project.

In order to embrace these opposing elements upon their encounter with each other. I completely excluded new materials, trendy colors, or futuristic elements,

and instead concentrated on the most Korean wood, that is, ‘ash’ and the ‘proportion and formative beauty’ that Koreans consider most comfortable and appropriate.

Also, in order to give the user a sense of the furniture being handmade, I decorated the upper part of the armrests of the sofa and the side of daybed with an incised linear pattern in a natural way.

The naturalness created by repeating irregular lines makes the furniture look outstanding from a functional respect not to mention decorative.

Design: dialoguemethod |

I. 3 seated sofa
Size; 2300*860*580(H) / Material; Ash, fabric

II. Stool
Size; 680*680*340(H) / Material; Ash, fabric

III. Day bed
Sizel 2000*900*340(H) / Material; Ash, fabric

+ All image courtesy Lee, Jong Keun

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