Dining By Design Installation \ Hirsch Bedner Associates

• April 4, 2012

HBApaintings 600x155 Dining By Design Installation \ Hirsch Bedner Associates

Image courtesy HBA

HBAIMG 9530 600x400 Dining By Design Installation \ Hirsch Bedner Associates

Image courtesy HBA

HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates unveiled their first ever design installation at DIFFA’s 2012 Dining by Design. DIFFA is known for bringing together some of the most talented and celebrated individuals in the worlds of fashion, interior design, art and architecture to create awe-inspiring dining environments and raise money for HIV/AIDS service and education programs in the United States. Leading the hospitality interior design industry since 1965, HBA was proud to participate in this year’s events and showcase a unique design installation that is inspired by the Brothers Grimm story, The Raven.

HBAeditorial 600x243 Dining By Design Installation \ Hirsch Bedner Associates

Image courtesy HBA

Designers’ Concept

HBA’s designers Kelly Sutton, Jessica Rae Sommer and Kathleen Dauber worked tirelessly to create a design concept based on The Raven that embodies all of the depth, enchantment and anticipation of thriving in the midst of change and adversity. In this dark children’s fairytale, a young princess is trapped. Transformed into a raven, her only hope is in waiting for the prince that will one day set her free. Through a myriad of design elements presented throughout the installation, HBA communicates their understanding of how a person’s current state, situation, or place so often appears dark, leaving one ‘lost in a story’ that does not feel their own. In their design, HBA seeks to visually express the greater hope and transformation that exists within us all.

HBAupdated 01 DIFFA Dining opt 01white 600x549 Dining By Design Installation \ Hirsch Bedner Associates

Image courtesy HBA

HBAupdated 01 DIFFA Dining opt 02white 600x549 Dining By Design Installation \ Hirsch Bedner Associates

Image courtesy HBA


  • Through luxurious surfaces, textures, reflection and exaggerated proportions, HBA with the help of vendors, created the illusion of another world where each visitor can be wrapped in the story. The encompassing structure, featuring an undulating herringbone pattern, structural cutouts and a glossy surface create a puzzle-like jewel box that forms this altered reality.
  • Within the space, three large black Schonbek chandeliers and a crystallized tabletop Made with Swarovski Elements from Beverly communicate a shimmering spellbound state.
  • The chair designs, named Armstrong and Colette, are also signature pieces from Beverly. This seating features luxurious upholstery that calls on the wild natural elements. The story then comes to life with custom chair back upholstery designed to abstractly illustrate the girl’s stages of transformation while the graphic letting in the fabrics and carpeting from Zenith International allow the words of the fairytale to quite literally surround each visitor.
  • At the feature wall of the space, Trove’s Indi wall covering ends the story as a myriad of blackbirds is released up the wall. A graphic tribute to film luminary Alfred Hitchcock, Indi feels like an action shot of a flock of birds in flight and conjures up visions of the great filmmakers’ masterpiece, The Birds. The intertwining pattern is formed by groups of blackbirds in motion, not in an orderly fashion, but randomly bumping into each other, falling over one another, and attempting to catch up with the rest of the flock. Indi is an authentic representation of the spontaneous and unpretentious splendor of the natural world.

Now you have set me free.

The wild, fantastic journey and optimism of The Raven speaks to the passion HBA has for design and in supporting DIFFA’s great cause.

+ All images and drawings courtesy HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates


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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous post on our DIFFA Design! I am so thrilled to see our work on your site- such a beautiful tribute to our design and DIFFA.

    Thank you!

    Jessica Rae Sommer