• April 3, 2012

Japanese designer KAZUKIMORIDESIGN has completed total design by interiors and graphic design, naming for this esthetic salon in Shizuoka, Japan, which is located within a Japanese inn, is called Ryokan.



KAZUKIMORIDESIGN is active beyond borders between categories, e.g., space, products, advertisement, and CI/VI.

This is thought want to relax by the interiors floor like the sea level.

rin 01 p 600x450 Rin \ KAZUKIMORIDESIGN


This don’t have ceiling lights in order to space without glare. We had a plan in harmony with the natural light by light control of indirect lighting.

rin 06 p 600x800 Rin \ KAZUKIMORIDESIGN


The floor tiles are shiny and a type of earthenware. The wall is painted white from the gradient changes to blue.

When you lie in bed, the horizon line and the color of the wall switch overlap. We have designed a natural.

Here we are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Because it make you feel a sense of superiority. We were planning to room only natural feel.

rin 13 ele 600x600 Rin \ KAZUKIMORIDESIGN

Elevations + Sections, courtesy KAZUKIMORIDESIGN

Powder Room is a region intermediate between inn and spa room. This was such a simple and neutral space by using a Japanese tatami mats and Japanese paper called Washi.

Motif of the symbol mark is the sun and the moon rise from the horizon. Additionally, we designed it like shining “one” of the kanji called Japanese “ichi” that means “one” is strong.

“Rin” is a Japanese word that represents atmosphere of a modest and an imperturbable, such as Japanese women. The naming means “Rin” .

+ Project facts

Site: Shizuoka, Japan
Principal use: Esthetic salon within a Japanese inn
Room area: 35.65m²
Completion: Mar.2012

+ All images and drawings courtesy KAZUKIMORIDESIGN

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