Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012: Area Declic

• April 11, 2012

This year, Area Declic will present these collections for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012 during  17-22 April 2012 in Pavilion 12, Stand C16.

Area Declic California 600x900 Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012: Area Declic

California by design Mino Bressan / Thesia Progetti, image courtesy of Area Declic

California, design Mino Bressan / Thesia Progetti

Relax: with this spirit was born the series CALIFORNIA, a Chaise longue for sitting around a pool, indoor or outdoor, in a garden or at home, especially the Rocking chair. They are made of technical mesh fabric stretched over the metal structure. Black and white the proposed colours, as is FLORA, presented last year and designed by the same studio. Here’s how Mino Bressan and Donatella Santangelo of Thesia Progetti explain their creations: “We tried to design objects with a life cycle that do not carry them, at the end of their existence, to an incinerator, but rather to a simplified system suitable to reuse their components. Flora and California are related to few and disassembled elements: a metal frame painted with biocompatible materials and totally biodegradable upholstery fabric. The mesh itself is a reusable element resulting in the reduction of composite materials and simplification of the manufacturing system”.

Area Declic Simple armchair 600x900 Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012: Area Declic

Simple by design Giulio Cianfarra, image courtesy of Area Declic

Simple, design Giulio Cianfarra

Lounge literally means living room, but also the background music that you listen while drinking between a chat and other. In many places there is an area furnished with soft chairs on which you can “lounge on”. SIMPLE is “merely” functional: a module that allows you to compose an infinite sofa and, at the same time, it can be a comfortable Rocking chair, occasionally accompanied by a rocking footrest.

Area Declic Island 2 600x785 Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012: Area Declic

Island by Area Declic Design, image courtesy of Area Declic

Island, Area Declic Design

ISLAND is characterized by a new technology: it is a multipurpose piece made of coated polyurethane, resistant to rain, snow, sun. Above all, it’s soft. The appearance is that of the seats carried out for rotational molding, but it offers unprecedented comfort. Also its shape is unusual – a colourful island at three heights, where adults, old people and children can seat. We imagine this colourful piece in the transit areas to fun in those places that are not places but connections between places, lanes, whose purpose is to connect. Airports, railway stations, shopping centers: ISLAND invites you to rest, but is made to withstand the ravages of time and use.

+ About designers

Mino Bressan / Thesia Progetti

After studying engineering at Padua University and architecture in Venice, he designed an electronic interface for students in collaboration with European and Japanese computer companies. Partner at the firm since its starting, he works in the field of architecture and design projects in Italy and abroad.

Giulio Cianfarra

Architect, after graduating from the University of Pescara, focuses on urban planning, architecture, design and art.

Area Declic Design

Vincenzo Genco is the guiding spirit in the Research and Development Department of Area Declic. Working in the company since 1977, he has followed its growth step by step. His profound knowledge of working with plastics and metal, together with his personal sensitivity and taste, are the determining factors in the delicate passage from project work to product.

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