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• May 3, 2012

YON  Image by BIG 01 600x319 CROSS # Towers in Seoul \ BIG

Render courtesy BIG

BIG’s residential towers in the Yongsan International Business District revitalize the Han riverfront into a new commercial and residential center for the citizens of Seoul.

YON  Diagram 600x169 CROSS # Towers in Seoul \ BIG

Conceptual diagram, drawing courtesy BIG

Situated at the south-east edge of the Yongsan master plan designed by Studio Liebeskind for the Korean development group Dreamhub, BIG’s Cross # Towers will contribute to the developing skyline of Seoul and become a recognizable marker of the new cultural and commercial center of the city. BIG was selected to submit a design proposal for Yongsan International Business District among 19 international offices, including SOM, Dominique Perrault, REX and MVRDV.

YON  Image by BIG 02 600x300 CROSS # Towers in Seoul \ BIG

Render courtesy BIG

The 21 000 m2 site is positioned next to the existing urban fabric in the future development zones of the Yongsan master plan. BIG’s design includes two elegant towers with a height of 214 and 204m. To meet the height requirements of the site, the exceeding building mass is transformed into an upper and lower horizontal bar, which bridge the two towers at 140m and 70 m height. The two towers are additionally connected through the arrival bar at the ground level – and a courtyard below ground.

YON  Image by BIG 05 600x300 CROSS # Towers in Seoul \ BIG

Render courtesy BIG

“The Cross # Towers constitute a three-dimensional urban community of interlocking horizontal and vertical towers. Three public bridges connect two slender towers at different levels – underground, at the street and in the sky. Catering to the demands and desires of different residents, age groups and cultures the bridges are landscaped and equipped for a variety of activities traditionally restricted to the ground. The resultant volume forms a distinct figure on the new skyline of Seoul – a “#” that serves as a gateway to the new Yongsan Business District signaling a radical departure from the crude repetition of disconnected towers towards a new urban community that populates the three-dimensional space of the city.” Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG.

YON  Image by BIG 13 600x401 CROSS # Towers in Seoul \ BIG

Image courtesy BIG

YON  Image by BIG 12 CROSS # Towers in Seoul \ BIG

Image courtesy BIG

Both the upper and lower bridge introduce rooftop sky gardens accessible to residents, allowing for outdoor activities, while a courtyard at the heart of the development is an integral part of the overall architectural design. Dramatic views towards the neighboring towers and visual connections across the courtyard from the retail zone create an exciting space for the residents and visitors. The outdoor landscape is envisioned to draw from the charm of traditional courtyards combined with the modernity of the project. Pedestrians at the arrival deck which connects the towers at ground level can enjoy impressive views to the bridges above and to the submerged courtyard below.

YON  Image by BIG 09 600x300 CROSS # Towers in Seoul \ BIG

Render courtesy BIG

The typical tower inherently removes life from the city it occupies. Circulation is linear and social interactions occur only in lobbies or awkward elevator rides. We propose a building that triples the amount of ground floor – triples the amount of social interaction and reintroduces the idea of neighborhood within the tower complex.

Thomas Christoffersen, Partner in Charge, BIG

The development will offer over 600 high-end residences and amenities, including a library, gallery space and a kindergarten. BIG’s design ensures that the tower apartments have optimal conditions towards sun and views. The bar units are given value through their spectacular views and direct access to the roofscapes, activating the outdoor realm. The exterior facades are developed to correspond to the different orientations and solar conditions, creating a diverse façade which varies from the viewer’s vantage point and the position of the sun.

+ About BIG

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group is a leading international partnership of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, North America and Asia. BIG’s architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes, not least due to the influence of multicultural ex¬change, global economic flows and communication technologies that together require new ways of architectural and urban organiza¬tion. BIG is led by partners – Bjarke Ingels, Andreas Klok Pedersen, Finn Nørkjær, David Zahle, Jakob Lange, Thomas Christoffersen and Managing Partners, Sheela Maini Søgaard and Kai-Uwe Bergmann – with offices in Copenhagen and New York. In all our actions we try to move the focus from the little details to the BIG picture.

+ Project facts

Client: Dreamhub
Architect: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
Collaborators: Arup Dublin (SMEP, Façade) & Amsterdam (Lighting), Martha Schwarz Partners (MSP), SIAPLAN (Local Architect)
Area: 96.534 m2
Tower 1: 214m / 52 Floors ; Tower 2: 204m / 48 Floors ; Site: 21.000 m2 ; Units: 627

+ YON credit list

Architect: BIG
Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen, Finn Nørkjær
Project Director: André Schmidt
Project Leader: Kamilla Heskje, Cat Huang

Project Team: Buster Christensen, Jeppe Ecklon, Tobias Hjortdal, Jakob Sand, Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard, Camila Luise de Andrade Stadler, Lorenzo Boddi, Karol Borkowski, Igor Brozyna, Eduard Champelle, Erik de Haan, Shun Ping Liu, Enea Michelesio, Daram Park, Lucian Racovitan, Teresa Fernandez Rojo, Tiago Sá, Julian Salazar, Laura Youf, Seung Hyun Yuh, Paolo Venturella

Engineers: Arup Dublin (SMEP, Façade) & Amsterdam (Lighting)
Project Director: Rory McGowan
Project Manager: Aidan Madden
Structural Team: Peter Flynn, Aidan Madden, Salam Al-Sabah, Conor Hayes, Barry Cullen, Michael Day, Cathal Quinn Nevin Keane
MEP Team: Susan Cormican, Luke Stewart, Alborada Delgado, Tadhg O Broin, Paul Collins, Daniel Roe, Chris Behan, Gerry Banks, Stephen Kendal, Carol O’Riordan
Facades: Pat Duffy, Javier Iribarren
Lighting: Simone Collon, Mieke Van Der Velden, Ewelina Schraven, Siegrid Siderius

Landscape Architect: Martha Schwarz Partners (MSP)
Principal: Martha Schwartz
Design Director: Markus Jatsch
Project Manager: Nigel Koch
Lead Landscape Architect: Aigars Lauzis
Project Team: Ceylan Belek, Salvatore Tabone, Nicola Albertin

Local Architect: SIAPLAN
Project Manager: Yun Sang Bang
Project Architect: Sang Min Lee
Project Team: Jimin Lee, Kyungmo Yang, Kyungmin Yue, Sangsuck Park

+ All images and drawings courtesy BIG

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