Pieces By Farah \ Farah Al Humaidhi

• May 9, 2012

Kuwait-based designer Farah Al Humaidhi has created this 3 pieces design.

Farah Al Humaidhi the shy piece 600x900 Pieces By Farah \ Farah Al Humaidhi

Image courtesy Farah Al Humaidhi


A table lamp made of solid teak wood base, metal holder & hardened crochet shade. The light given out of the shade is intricate & each piece gives a different design.

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Farah Al Humaidhi rose on table 600x813 Pieces By Farah \ Farah Al Humaidhi

Image courtesy Farah Al Humaidhi


A table lamp made of solid teak wood base & a metal mesh shade shaped as a flower pinched with colored wool strings.

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Farah Al Humaidhi conical 600x400 Pieces By Farah \ Farah Al Humaidhi

Image courtesy Farah Al Humaidhi


Is made of hardened crochet & can be used as a candle holder or flower vase. Two shapes available conical & square

+ About Farah

A furniture brand created by Kuwait based Interior Designer, Farah Al Humaidhi who has an eye for details besides her passion for art. A unique line that is, designed & manufactured / created in (her) Kuwait workshops.

Pieces By Farah is a step I decided to take in pursuit of creating engaging, functional & unique hand crafted furniture pieces. Mixing philosophies & techniques that derive from the modern & classical approaches, is what spurs the final pieces to come out as innovative & unpredictable as they are.

Pieces, as a concept was evolved out of the need to create multifunctional pieces that are adaptable & useful for tight spaces. The intention was just not to create an artistically beautiful piece but also functional that made sense to the space constraint. My focus was on exploring form & function’s of each piece to gather their diverse application than what one would see at a glance. I sought to create pieces that are practical & serviceable to newlyweds who live in apartments and these pieces in turn unveil their versatility & resourcefulness while entertaining guest’s.

Pieces” is a functional mix of furniture’s that lets you to customize each piece as per ones taste. The beauty being each piece comes with 4 pallets and each pallet has over 12 options to customize from, resulting in creating hundreds of unique pieces.

Farah Al Humaidhi, Interior Designer has an admiration & great passion for detail. She holds an MBA degree from Kuwait Maastricht Business School & Bachelor of Interior Design from American University of Sharjah. She concurrently manages “Presentation Art, an Architectural Illustration Firm & Interior Art, an Interior Design Firm. With the institution of the new brand “Pieces by Farah”, Farah welcomes challenges while she juggles deftly through the maze woven around her.

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