Tube Bench \ Peter Donders

• June 20, 2012

This latest bench design by Peter Donders is nothing less than spectacular. Like much of his work it is graceful and curvaceous. Like a sculpture it lures us in to examine it from all angles and each view presents a new and extraordinary aspect of the design.

Peter Donders 1 600x424 Tube Bench \ Peter Donders

Image courtesy outdooz gallery

To create the bench a simple tube has been stretched and optimized much like an elasticized fabric via interactive simulation to create an optimal form. The form is then “baked” to lock in the parametric shape, at which point no further manipulation is possible. This shape becomes the base for the 3d model which in turn is used to create the final sand mold for casting. The aluminum bench is then finished and painted in the manner of the finest sports car.

Peter Donders Tube Casper01 600x424 Tube Bench \ Peter Donders

Image courtesy outdooz gallery

Peter Donders is one of the few designers today who has the capability to make his vision a reality. The best examples of course being C Bench and Batoidea which are 100% true to the computer models.

Designer: Peter Donders |
Materials: aluminum
Dimensions: L 3082mm W 914mm H 766mm weight +/- 96 kilos

+ All images courtesy Peter Donders

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