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• August 23, 2012

A spirit of color

In the centre of Tirana, in the characteristic district of “Tirana e Re”, we come across a coffee-bar with a unique style: “Mon Cheri urban life”, the second one of the “Mon Cheri” chain. Located in a characteristic neighborhood of Tirana, it has already been used as coffee before being totally reorganized in 2011. The whole building is organized into four different spaces, with a total height of two floors. Each floor has its own veranda with direct view on the road “Perlat Rexhepi”. “Mon Cheri urban life” is divided in such a way: ground floor, a space that encourages conversation between students, and the second floor, furnished with an intimate but not out of the youthful character of all the coffee bar.

DSC 1372 600x398 Mon Cheri urban life \ NOVA architect gallery

Courtesy NOVA architect gallery

The architects of Nova architect gallery have created a recreational space, a caffee bar of reflection and attention to details that makes it unique in its kind. Based on several criteria, reviews and studies of this type, include certain indices are assessment about the success of a project.

DSC 1342 600x398 Mon Cheri urban life \ NOVA architect gallery

Courtesy NOVA architect gallery

The function is based on the use of space. A very interesting way of using the space where zoning and materials make it to experience the feeling of exploration unpredictability, even if we will stay for several hours in it.

A special importance has been given to the penetration of the light, in the first level where it is surrounded by a glass windows at the premises causing the interior of this (Daylight) sufficient natural light, paying importance of the energetic aspects of the building.

DSC 1325 600x903 Mon Cheri urban life \ NOVA architect gallery

Courtesy NOVA architect gallery

At the first level is quite interesting coexistence of basic materials like wood with its natural color with the metal structure. Located in part of the ceiling it makes the diference so very carefully with the materials of polycarbonated chairs and tables. Use of traditional carpets in contrast with the tiles that imitate concrete to show sensation of warmth in this urban space. Quite interesting is the use of green and in parallel as internal environment of trees in town without whom the city has no identity in a separate ongoing architecture that directs and educates people. A variety of chairs used in this caffe bar characterized by recalling the fact that people are different and as such they require space to stand in such a way their chair is different from that of the friend with whom they stays.

The musical lines that the elements of this project have, play, follow and fit rhythmically with the city symphony and the urban life of everyday.

+ Project facts

Architects: NOVA architect gallery
Location: Tirane, Albania
Completion: October 2011
Floor Space: 332 sqm
Seats: 220 seats

+ All images courtesy NOVA architect gallery

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