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• September 6, 2012

Seamless waves flowing on the landscape and flowing on the façade are the focal point of the design proposal for this full service five star property. Designed as an iconic building the proposal looks at interweaving the concepts of waves in nature, fold lines as movement trajectories and perception along with programmatic requirements.

Ahmedabad Hotel Studio Symbiosis03 600x457 Ahmedabad Hotel \ Studio Symbiosis

Courtesy Studio Symbiosis

The idea of creating a design with soft subtle touches and imbibing a sense of elegance has been instilled in the proposal from the creation of the form itself. The different functions in the building with different programmatic requirements are blending together thus resulting in this iconic building. The building comprises of three waves which are very carefully translated into dramatic key spaces on the lower floors and on the upper floors they translate into room grids with focus on standardized room sizes.

Ahmedabad Hotel Studio Symbiosis01 600x370 Ahmedabad Hotel \ Studio Symbiosis

Courtesy Studio Symbiosis

These waves emerge effortlessly from the landscape creating a sense of harmonic relationship with the ground. The profile of the building has been designed with keen emphasis given both to the smooth transition from the horizontal landscape to the vertical building and to the standardization and repetition of the façade components.

The façade is designed as an intricate part of the building. The entire façade system feels the reverberation of the slightest of change in the external skin due to flux in the internal spaces. This interdependent relationship between the skin and structure of the building makes the system a very coherent one.

Ahmedabad Hotel Studio Symbiosis04 600x326 Ahmedabad Hotel \ Studio Symbiosis

Courtesy Studio Symbiosis

The entry to the building has been marked with a column less cantilever that creates a dramatic entrance space. The guests are welcomed by the architecture of the canopy that follows the seamless nature of the design proposal, emerging from the ground and morphing back into it.

05 EntranceLobby1 600x354 Ahmedabad Hotel \ Studio Symbiosis

Courtesy Studio Symbiosis

On the lower three floors the proposal consists of reception lobby, shopping area, banquet hall, meeting rooms, restaurants, lounge space and service areas. All these elements are tied with a coherent design language of natural canyon like formations. The spaces are carved out using the same design principles with which a wave carves out a canyon. This helps in connecting the various public functions into one space visually which still have the capability of functioning independently.

A spill out space in the landscape has been provided for the banquet hall whereby adding to the experience of a celebration. Thus helps in creating an animated landscape which has a direct use and is actively used and enjoyed by the guests.

08 HotelRoom 600x300 Ahmedabad Hotel \ Studio Symbiosis

Courtesy Studio Symbiosis

The restaurants are located amidst splendid view of the green with the fascinating façade wrapped around the restaurants making it a unique experience. The all day dining is designed in a way to create a more open feeling where the buffet would be the main attraction. As well as being visible form the main Lobby. In contrast the specialty dining is located one floor higher with an introvert character. This restaurant is about an intimate play between the senses, the space and the food, to create this sense of very intricate relationship it has zones of small and bigger more private areas.

The roof and the last habitable floor house the spa, gym, saloon and the swimming pool. The swimming pool is located on the terrace with breathtaking views of the city. Alongside a sky lounge has also been provided here which will help guests relax, unwind and absorb the beauty of the city and the building itself.

16 SSA Ground Floor Plan FINAL 600x275 Ahmedabad Hotel \ Studio Symbiosis

Ground Floor Plan, courtesy Studio Symbiosis

17 SSA Typical Floor Plan FINAL 600x235 Ahmedabad Hotel \ Studio Symbiosis

Typical Floor Plan, courtesy Studio Symbiosis

+ Project fact


Architects : Studio Symbiosis
Principal Architects: Amit Gupta, Britta Knobel Gupta in collaboration with Vandana Sehgal.
Project Team : Dharampal Singh, M. Shaique Uddin, Mayank Ojha, Mariia Nazarenko, Rishi Sapra, Rakesh Mathur, Pancham Pathania, Avishek Das and Arunima Sen.

MEP : Apostel Design Studio
Structure :  Acecon
Facility Managers : HPG Consultancy
Facade Consultants : Priedemann

Site area : 6860 sqm
Builtup Area : 24000 sqm
Start Date :  April 2012
Completion Date : June 2014


We transform architectural spaces at all scales from concept to completion. Interrelationship between all elements aim for equilibrium with their surroundings.

Studio Symbiosis, is an award winning multi disciplinary architectural practice with focus on cutting edge contemporary architecture. Studio Symbiosis is involved in a number of prestigious projects in India. The office is involved in a number of hotel projects across India, along with some high profile government projects including a master plan for a 1150 acres of property for UPSIDC along with a sports complex due to be completed soon.

Symbiosis is a key term for the studio and hence the name of the practise. It represents the inter-relationship between two organisms, where each depends upon and receives reinforcement from the other. It relates in terms of the architectural design and the surrounding at a global scale, and at a local scale it relates to the various systems and sub-systems of a piece of architecture.

A systematic coherence is distilled in the design process by bringing together the various systems and sub systems of landscape, building typology, environmental considerations, structural tectonic, etc.

The architecture reflects the latest developments in building techniques, material systems, computational knowledge and the exploration of contemporary design forms deduced and translated into a formal building solution. It is the need to create architecture that would resonate our present and stand as the architecture of our time.


Elegance is aimed for in the buildings as a system of ordering the complex urban / social conditions. It is a means of comprehending the overlapping systems into one coherent whole. Unlike Modernism it is not a system of reducing the different parts of a building into different systems independent of each other. What elegance looks for is continuous differentiation and interference amongst the various systems, thereby producing a whole where the boundaries are dissolved and a more fluid architecture is produced.

Malleable and adaptive architecture

Architecture is seen as a malleable form that mutates and adapts in accordance with its context. It is a composition of architectural elements which is more akin to Deluzian notion of assemblage, resulting in open ended compositions. However, if anything needs to be added or subtracted to this system, it can only happen through rigorous negotiation and infliction between the elements concerned.

The platonic solids are no longer the limiting architectural building blocks. It is rather the ellipse, spline, curve, hyperbola, and other complex mathematical systems which have been adopted as a part of the design repertoire. These systems have an inherent quality of fluidity. This results in spatial interlocking and soft transitions thereby resulting in a seamless architecture both internally and externally.

Natural formations

The studio is involved in a high level of understanding of the natural systems. In nature through the process of self-organization intrinsic patterns emerge. It is a system of inclusion of complexity as opposed to the system of exclusion. Instead of discarding information and creating a reduced whole, we like to integrate the complexity in the design, following the principal of inclusion, thereby resulting in an overarching design with a high level of sophistication.

Natural systems such as fluid dynamics, particle systems, minimal path systems, branching, are studied in-depth. This helps in giving an insight into the order of complexity in nature both formally and at times structurally.

Computer coding

Complex design tools such as simulation, animation and form-finding tools, as well as parametric modeling and scripting are employed as a part of the design process.

Computer coding facilitates precise formulation, refinement and execution of the intricate correlations of the design elements. The formal repertoire and the structural tectonics are crystallized into a hegemonic architecture with ordered complexity.

Environmental sustainability

Real life phenomenon such as sun path diagrams, wind patterns, topographical levels, etc are studied both digitally and physically to instigate a design process where the overall form presents an optimum solution.

+ All images and drawings courtesy Studio Symbiosis

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