Care \ Simon Michel

• September 15, 2012

German designer Simon Michel designed the “Care”.

The Problem

Infrared thermometers are becoming more and more popular: The Fiber measuring is just quicker. But the measuring accuracy depends on the person who measures. A incorrect handling could result in a measuring difference from more then one degree Celsius.

Care Bild3 600x400 Care \ Simon Michel

Courtesy Simon Michel

Care Bild1 600x400 Care \ Simon Michel

Courtesy Simon Michel

The inspiration and concept

Everybody put headphones to the ears. This movement is familiar to us. It is a culturally learned behavior and it generated no discomfort. But a modern infrared fever thermometer is nothing that we use intuitively. The basic idea behind this concept was to use a familiar form. So that everyone knows how to handle it “Care” is a user- friendly infrared thermometer that shows how influential a learned behavior is for the design of a new product. To measure the fever, the thermometer is held at the ear and the measur sensor is simply inserted into the ear. To ensure that the measuring sensor is placed correctly in the ear the thermometer gives acoustic signals.

Care at the ear 600x414 Care \ Simon Michel

Courtesy Simon Michel

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