Evolo Developement in Pointe-Nord

• September 6, 2012

An emerging trend in contemporary design is the blending of urban, natural and human elements to create a living space that is entirely unique. This can be seen in the planning and development of the Pointe-Nord neighborhood on Nuns’ Island, near Downtown Montreal.

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The neighborhood combines natural elements, such as parks and waterfront trails, with hometown staples, such as cafes and shops. Condominium and townhouse living space within Pointe-Nord adds the final element, creating a strong sense of community among residents, as the people who live in Pointe-Nord are the people who visit its stores and restaurants, and who enjoy their daily life alongside the St. Lawrence River together.

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Designed to provide easy access for residents to parks and green space, the Montreal condominiums are committed to the green urban lifestyle of Pointe-Nord as a whole.

Pedestrian activities are encouraged, with parks and paths for walking, running and bicycling easily accessible. Close to public transit, it is easy for ecologically-minded residents to commute to downtown for work or play.

evolofleuve 600x800 Evolo Developement in Pointe Nord

For those with cars, underground parking garages are covered by green roofs, adding to the natural aesthetic of the island while tastefully concealing what is usually seen as a jarring, yet necessary element.

This delicate balancing act illustrates Evolo’s commitment to keep with Pointe-Nord’s overall ecological principles. Landscaping around the buildings uses native species, which is both non-invasive with the waterfront and pedestrian-friendly. Green space and walkways are designed for use, not merely as decoration. Residents are inspired to go outside and explore Pointe-Nord, to make their greater neighborhood truly a part of their everyday life.

evolo1 night closeup 600x336 Evolo Developement in Pointe Nord

Under the guiding hand of Proment Corporation, Nuns’ Island’s leading developer, Evolo grows out of years of experience with the island’s unique features and years of careful planning. Designed in partnership with architects Jean-Pierre Bart (Le Vistal) and Lemay Michaud (Le Germain hotels), Evolo boasts of clean and crisp contemporary architecture, yet there is a natural flow between the buildings and the scenic beauty of its waterfront and wooded surroundings.

sky vue 600x375 Evolo Developement in Pointe Nord

Evolo has been designed as to maximize views of the river and the downtown skyline, lending to uninterrupted views for residents. Wooded areas are maintained as to preserve an intimacy between urban and green space. Large windows and an open-room concept allows for the outdoors to be felt keenly inside.

zuni home 600x401 Evolo Developement in Pointe Nord

In combining nature with a welcoming, small neighborhood feeling, enhanced with clean and contemporary architecture, Pointe-Nord’s Evolo demonstrates the new focus in design which reflects your values and the modern world which we live in.

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