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• September 23, 2012

OOIIO PATCHWORK CITY 01 600x456 Patchwork City Masterplan \ OOIIO Architecture

Courtesy OOIIO Architecture

Madrid-based OOIIO Architecture has developed a large Masterplan Project to organize the future growth of Linkoping, a 100.000 inhabitants city in the South of Sweden. Linkoping is well-known for its Technological Industries and for its university, with more than 30.000 students. This is why the local authorities wanted to develop a new kind of Masterplan, to experiment and explore about new ways of designing cities, with all the complexities, sustainable construction systems and social cohesion aspects that a XXI st century city needs.

OOIIO PATCHWORK CITY 02 600x456 Patchwork City Masterplan \ OOIIO Architecture

Courtesy OOIIO Architecture

OOIIO Architecture started the design process of the new town area looking for opportunities that the proper building area could provide, and this is why, OOIIO decided to generate a big green ring connecting the old town center with the University, other spread housing areas, and the proposed construction area. An existing and damaged water canal, that would be recycled, will become the main spine of the Masterplan ring, linked with a succession of parks and open areas.

All the zone would be divided for an imaginary 6×6 meters net that is going to organize both, the public space and the private constructions. Following several factors like density, sun orientation, average winds direction, existing forests, existing lakes, connections to the natural surroundings and the old city, etc. there will be build naked 6×6 structures to be bought for citizens, or city, depending on the studied Masterplan zoning, and then they could later go to a special designed catalogue where they can choose all the prefabricated ecologic panels to plug in their own structure area.

OOIIO PATCHWORK CITY 09 600x456 Patchwork City Masterplan \ OOIIO Architecture

Courtesy OOIIO Architecture

With this special growth and construction system we can generate a new kind of city, based on the personalization of every space, a better and controlled administration of natural resources, high flexibility and space recycling possibilities, a clean and cheap low cero emissions constructions and over all a new way of understanding contemporary city, were thanks to a controlled 3 dimensional grid people can colonize and design their own spaces, like for example they create their own facebook profile, leaving the XX st century idea of mass homogenization, and following the XXI st century idea of claim of the individuals.

OOIIO PATCHWORK CITY 07 600x456 Patchwork City Masterplan \ OOIIO Architecture

Courtesy OOIIO Architecture

This is the contemporary city, PATCHWORK CITY, were the architects and engineers define the rules for the best structures allocations and design the cleanest and most local clime appropriate construction pieces for the catalogue, the government and promoters provides the space and look for the good use of the rules, and the inhabitants colonize and personalize their own structure as they wish, crocheting their own city piece… generating all together a big PATCHWORK.

+ Project facts

Designed by OOIIO Architecture
TEAM: Joaquin Millán Villamuelas, Cristina Vicario, Belen Gomez, Lurdes Martinez, Beatriz Cerratos, Estíbaliz Ortiz de Zatare
Location: Linkoping, Sweden
Area: 22 ha (220,510 m2)

+ All images and drawings courtesy OOIIO Architecture


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