Concrete Drawer & Cabinet Knobs for KAST Concrete Decor

• October 24, 2012

Kast concrete knobs 1 600x503 Concrete Drawer & Cabinet Knobs for KAST Concrete Decor

Courtesy KAST Concrete Decor

Kast concrete knobs 2 Concrete Drawer & Cabinet Knobs for KAST Concrete Decor

Courtesy KAST Concrete Decor

Having your home decorated with the same old hardware isn’t going to let you stand out, and certainly won’t turn many heads at your next dinner party. One quick fix to your home’s routine knob are KAST Concrete’s new concrete drawer and cabinet knobs. Made in Alabama, these concrete knobs are top quality and have excellent design and feel for any decor. Whether you are renovating a kitchen or just want a fresh look on an old desk, these knobs will give you the subtle ‘pop’ that you desire.

Many concrete products, such as countertops, are given incredible finishes, but at the cost of sustainability. Contractors will use harsh acid dyes, chemical based sealers, and intense polishing. Naturally, concrete is a sustainable/recyclable material. At Kast, we use organic pigments, water-based sealers, and a production process that creates nearly no wasted concrete. Most cabinet and drawer knobs today are manufactured overseas in industrial warehouses; their production uses large amounts of energy, as well as international freight transport.

Kast’s concrete knobs are hand-crafted using minimal energy or resources. The combination of Kast’s practices provides consumers with an entirely unique, green alternative.

KAST Concrete Decor is a brand dedicated to innovative concrete products for the everyday modern home. Newly founded in September 2012, Kast is just beginning to get things rolling with our line of concrete drawer/cabinet knobs. Within the next two weeks, Kast will be releasing new products for the home. As well as a selection of vibrant new colors to choose from.


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