Kitchen design and you: the simple pointers you should take on board

• October 23, 2012

Melon Tiles Kitchen design and you: the simple pointers you should take on board

Designing a kitchen is, more often than not, a costly and time-consuming procedure that can really do more harm than good for your home if it’s not thought out properly. Having said this, you sometimes don’t need to do that much to really change the look and feel of this room! Here are some great top tips that can help you get the most out of this important area of the home with little spending.

Get the paint out. As a cheap and cheerful way of really making an impact on any room, paint is always a good place to start. Wallpaper isn’t really suitable for a kitchen; after all, the changes in temperature and humidity can make it bubble and peel. It’s also awful to clean, unlike gloss.

This also applies to cupboards. While every other room in the house will be largely based around the colours of the walls, this surface is not as predominant in the kitchen owing to the fact it’s largely covered in kitchen units. If you don’t like the current colour of them all, why not paint them, too? Of course, caution needs to be exercised – you don’t want to use the wrong kind of paint, as the wrong choice could peel or tarnish a surface.

Tiles are cheap and effective. Just looking online shows how cheap they can be – even for the best or most popular style. They’re also easy to clean and you can fit them yourself, using a guide from online and a steady hand.

Look at the smaller details. If you want a completely different feel but have a small budget, consider changing much smaller things in a kitchen. This could be done by fitting new door handles, different knobs on cupboard doors, or simply getting a different wash bowl or drying rack. Consider accessorising with brightly-coloured tea towels, or accent paint colours. You may never know how far they could go!


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  1. Great home renovation tips! Agree 100% that tiles are an important part of any home renovation, and will be extremely cost effective in the long run.