Vederlicht (Featherlight) \ Studio Daniel

• October 13, 2012

Vederlicht is a fascination that i had when i was a small child, the fascination of model glider plane. Back then these planes cost too much for me to buy and i only could look at them in the shop. The small kid in me is still there so i took the technique and material for making a glider and used it to design a lighting. The material used in this design is Balsawood and Oracover which is used to cover the wings of a glider and gives the lamp altogether it’s ultra lightweight.

Daniel Hulsbergen Vederlicht (Featherlight) \ Studio Daniel

Courtesy Studio Daniel

+ Project facts

Year – 2012
Materials – Balsa wood, Oracover, Glue, Ceramic light fitting, Textile electric cord
Technique – Model Glider Planes
Size S -
Diameter 70cm
Height 120cm
Weight – 350 gram (without cord and light fitting)


Category: Design, Lighting

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