World Design Rankings for Arts, Architecture and Design

• October 28, 2012

World Design Rankings Logo 600x600 World Design Rankings for Arts, Architecture and Design
United States of America, Turkey and Hong Kong are the top 3 countries awarded with the A’ Design Award according to WDR (World Design Ranking). The displayed rankings are based on the current aggregated scores of participants between the years 2010 and 2012. The aim of the ranking is to contribute to global design scape through advocating and highlighting good design.

We hope to ignite further competition in the design industry by providing the world design rankings; we believe this is very important for the world, because more competition would lead to better designs; better designs mean longer-lasting products, more ergonomic designs, highly socially responsible projects and so on. At micro-level, the world design rankings help designers understand their world-wide position, however most importantly, at macro-level the world design rankings will push the participating designers, artists and architects to do better, to come up with better products and designs which in turn would create positive impacts for our future generations.

Frank Scott, WDR Representative

2012 WorldDesignRankings 600x1309 World Design Rankings for Arts, Architecture and Design

+ About WDR – World Design Rankings 

World Design Rankings ranks the countries based on design awards won, currently the data has been provided by A’ Design Awards & Competitions, one of the worlds’ most prestigious design awards and competitions with thousands of entries.

+ For more information about the design award, please visit, if you are new to this award, see our 10 selected winners of A’ Design Award and Competition here.

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  1. Victor says:

    Nice. It’s should be per capita. In the US there are 330M ppl while in turkey there are around 70M. So I guess US is not number 1..? This calc is totally wrong to my opinion..