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• November 16, 2012

Awake Title 600x400 Awake \ Simon Michel

Awake, image courtesy Simon Michel

German designer Simon Michel designed the “Awake”. When we think of clock radio then most people think of a plastic box with buttons and an LC display. In times of Full HD Smartphone displays that are filled with colorful apps, the incentive to buy a classic digital alarm clock is becoming increasingly smaller. The designer Michel Simon asks himself what makes a clock radio interesting for a young target group. During his research Michel found out, ” The smartphone is for many young people a absolute all- rounder. Of course, it can wake you up like a classic digital alarm clock. But a smartphone has some weakness if it gets used as a alarm clock. For example the big bright display can dazzle the eyes by reading the time at night. It is also not easy to operate the snooze button, because they will either be called in the menu or he become very small. If digital alarm clocks should remain interesting in the future, then they must be a solution for these problems.

Awake app 600x402 Awake \ Simon Michel

Awake, image courtesy Simon Michel

These Problems are the basis for the development of michels digital alarm clock concept “Awake”. The result is a alarm clock with a USB interface that allows to connect the alarm clock with different types of Smartphones.  a special thing is the “Awake” App, that was specially designed for the “Awake” Alarm clock. it offers the user the possibility to handle different wake up features in their smartphone. That makes it possible to plan different alarm times and wake up songs for each day, through the connection is the smartphone additionally charged. Another interesting Part is the snooze button, because the whole alarm clock self is the snooze button.

Awake 3 600x399 Awake \ Simon Michel

Awake, image courtesy Simon Michel

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  1. marie cote says:

    where can I buy this alarm clock online?????