Bistro Bird Feeders \ J Schatz

• November 15, 2012

J Schatz Bistro Bird Feeder Bistro Bird Feeders \ J Schatz

Bistro Bird Feeder, image courtesy J Schatz

J Schatz introduces mordern tube bird feeder – Hang out with the birds at the Bistro Bird Feeder – a lunch spot for birds. Designed for those who want a modern, colorful, and gorgeous tube bird feeder that will attract birds and looks beautiful in the backyard, terrace or patio. Easy to use, durable, squirrel proof, and available in six glossy colors.

Beautiful & Durable

Bistro Bird Feeders provide a beautiful place for your birds to gather and an easy way for you to feed them. The glossy stoneware feeding tube with four feeding holes accented by four aluminum perch poles and aluminum cover is a handsome addition to any backyard, terrace or patio. Finely crafted by hand in stoneware, Bistro Bird Feeders are durable and easy to use in any environment. The aluminum cover, poles and vinyl coated hanging wire are rust resistant. The stoneware tube has a small drainage hole to prevent water accumulation in bird food.

J Schatz Bistro Bird Feeder Green Orange White Bistro Bird Feeders \ J Schatz

moss green – bittersweet orange – bright white, image courtesy J Schatz

Easy To Use

Bistro Bird Feeders are easy to use. They feature a single stoneware feeding tube is suspended by a vinyl coated wire with an aluminum cover that slides up the wire to reveal a fill hole. Birds eat from one of four 3/4” diameter feeding holes that are positioned on each side of the Bistro Bird Feeder. The feeding holes are positioned at four different heights (1 3/4″, 3 3/4″, 5 1/2″, and 7 1/4″) so that birds may eat from the Bistro Bird Feeder until it is completely empty. Each feeding hole has an aluminum perch beneath it so the birds may rest while retrieving their food. To fill the Bistro Bird Feeder with bird food you simply lift the aluminum cover to reveal the top fill hole and fill. Each Bistro Bird Feeder holds 9 1/2 cups of bird food and comes with an easy to use seed scoop and user-guide. We recommend using black oil sunflower seeds for optimal Bistro Bird Feeder performance.

Squirrel Proof

Squirrels will not be able to eat from the feeder if it is hung at least three feet away from surrounding surfaces. When squirrels are forced to jump onto the feeder they simply can’t hold onto the slick aluminum cover. The aluminum cover also has a 1 3/4″ overhang that prevents squirrels from reaching the feeding holes.

J Schatz Bistro Bird Feeder Aqua Yellow Red Bistro Bird Feeders \ J Schatz

Light Aqua – Goldenrod Yellow – Sumac Red, image courtesy J Schatz

+ Product Specifications

Dimensions: 11 1/2″ High x 10″ Diameter
Material: Stoneware and Aluminum
Weight: 3 1/2 Pounds
Available in 6 glossy colors: Bittersweet Orange, Bright White, Goldenrod Yellow, Light Aqua, Moss Green & Sumac Red

Handcrafted Stoneware made in New York

J Schatz products are handmade exclusively in their upstate New York studio employing local artists and using energy-saving production methods.



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