Festka Bicycles presents a unique kickstarter Project 200

• November 25, 2012

08 Festka Bicycles PABLO 600x428 Festka Bicycles presents a unique kickstarter Project 200

courtesy Festka Bicycles

After two years of development, Festka Bicycles presents an ultimate carbon frame. Carbon couplings are used to connect tubes, which allows for tailor-made construction. The carbon tubes are a result of cooperation with CompoTech, a company which focuses on advanced solutions from sports to robotics. Using carefully-selected composition of high-strength fibres, the new tubes set new standards in strength and absorption of vibrations, further advancing our revolutionary sandwich tube solution. In the event of damage, the frame allows substituting any damaged tube for another. The head tube was remodeled to a new 1,5” size (upper and bottom bearing). This solution considerably adds strength in the front of the frame and improves fork fit.

Every professional biker will confirm that a high-quality headset is of key importance, and that is why Festka opted for currently the best solution on the market – Cane Creek 110 52mm. Guarantee for 110 years speaks for everything. Since this is a top-level frame, the bottom bracket can only be made of titanium. There are, of course, no stickers on the bike and the design is created by airbrush and premium varnish from PPG, a world-renowned supplier. The weight of the frame is about 1000 grams or even less, depending on type. (We can make 700g frames, but weight has impact on function at this level. Limitation and potential complications are not worth the several grams you save on the frame weight.) The total weight of a road bike thus gets below 6 kg.

What is Retül?

3D Motion Capture Bike Fit. It is the most advanced system of adjusting rider’s sitting posture. Using tools, which are used to make animated films, we will create a 3D model of you and your bike and finely tune the best sitting posture on your bike. We will help you increase power, preventing health problems at the same time. For the moment we are the only European company to own this new version of the system!

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+ Design statement by Festka Bicycles

A large proportion of bicycle production now comes from Taiwan and China, which led not only to the loss of handcraft quality, but also innovation. We are putting both back to frame manufacture. We love working with carbon. We build bikes which are strong, lightweight and reliable, developed by top-level professionals in the field. We approach each customer as a winner of Tour de France. We will carefully take your measures, draw the frame, prepare an original design and seat you on the bike. But we go much further – what about your personal shirt collection to match only your bike? We always try to do things in an original and honest way and we are looking forward to each new day.

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Two years ago, we wanted to buy bicycles. And since we are demanding, it should have been bikes that would have told something about us. To our surprise, no one could satisfy us – the bikes were not hand-made and involved putting stickers on Chinese import, or the vendor tried to talk us out of our idea. In the end, we decided to show everyone that you can do things properly. We have found the best professionals in various fields – welders, developers, designers, etc. Now there is 15 of use and each member of Festka has many years of experience and excellence on their record. This enables us to make bicycles which bring joy to both us and our customers.

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The Festka Bicycles Company is focused on tailor-made manual manufacturing of frames as well as of full bicycles. Our objective is to create the bike in close co-operation with the final customer in order to meet his/her requirements and expectations in a very large extent. We provide broad consulting services with special focus on all cycling aspects including of exact measuring of bike and biker fitting and cloth design. We are very proud on our original tubes which provide excellent rigidity and resistance against mechanical damage and/or extreme low weight. (Thus the frame Mops is weighing only about 600 grams and it may be classified as one of the lightest frames in the world.). Next to carbon we provide large spectrum of steel-made frames including of a hot new product – stainless steel-made tubes XCr from the Italian Columbus Company. The main advantage of this material is that it may not be painted any way. Furthermore, we work with Aluminium.

+ ABOUT Mr. Michal Mourecek, a Company partner

Michael is former professional biker with 10 years of professional cycling experience in various Czech and Italian cycling teams. In his professional carrier he was ten times champion of the Czech Republic on the road as well as on the track, in junior age he took 3rd place in a world championship. In the Festka Bicycles Company he takes care for marketing, new ideas and testing of new bikes.

+ ABOUT Mr. Ondrej Novotný, a Company partner

Ondrej takes care for the Company backend. He has experiences from small as well as large companies of various branches. In the past, he had been working for care maker as well as publishing companies and he is capable to lead working teams. All these experiences are used in favour of the Festka Bicycles Company and – last but not least – Ondrej loves bikes and biking.

+ For more about Festka Bicycles and Project 200, please visit
http://projekt200.festka.com/en and www.festka.com.

+ All images courtesy Festka Bicycles

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