Lens Safe \ Simon Michel

• November 7, 2012

Lens Safe colors 02 600x400 Lens Safe \ Simon Michel

Lens Safe, image courtesy Simon Michel

German designer Simon Michel designed the “Lens Safe”.
All in one contact lens case. A smart solution for the care of contact lens.

Lens Safe closed 01 600x400 Lens Safe \ Simon Michel

Lens Safe, image courtesy Simon Michel

If a contact lens wearer becomes dirt into his eye, he will have a problem to clean his lens. Because contact lens boxes are not contain any care liquid ,to clean the contact lens. According to the designer Simon Michel this problem will be solved by his all in one Contact lens Box “Lens Safe”

The storage and care of contact lenses in everyday life is not so simple. For example on a long working day you can not switch easily between contact lenses and glasses. If you want to, you need a contact lens case and the Care liquid. Therefore, many contact lenses users get tired red eyes. The same problem exists on traveling. You always need the contact lens case and the care liquid. Both together requires a lot of space in your hand luggage. Contact lens case also don’t look like a must have. They look like a medical devices and suggests that you have a handicap. The main problem is contact lens care in all day situations. There is no contact lens case that looks cool and includes some care liquid.

Lens Safe open 03 600x400 Lens Safe \ Simon Michel

Lens Safe, image courtesy Simon Michel

I call my idea Lens Safe it looks a bit like a pen or a marker. It has two caps one on each site for separate storage. There are two refillable cartridges in the inside (filled with care liquid). The width and height of Lens Safe is based on the diameter of a contact lens (plus two
millimeter) and the required wall thickness. The inside of the cap is shaped so that contact lenses do not get stuck in The shape of Lens Safe is a square so that Lens Safe can’t roll away. One Cap is marked with an R to differ the contact lenses from each other when they get storage . Lens Safe is 114 mm long and 23 mm wide and high, and consists of an injection-moldable and food-safe plastic.

Simon Michel

+ Key Features

•       1. Lens care wherever you want
•       2. Two refillable cartridges
•       3. Pocket size
•       4. separate storage of contact lense
•       5. unobtrusive and interesting design

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  1. Looks very chic! :) I like it! This is a wonderfulcase for lenses.

  2. Those are wonderful cases for lenses and it has very nice colors too! Nice innovations for lens holders. Thanks for sharing this info!