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• November 17, 2012

3form Starcrossed Varia Ecoresin Collection \ 3form

Starcrossed, image courtesy 3form

3form has recently created the Varia Ecoresin Collection.


Introduce a geometric aesthetic to your space with an embroidered interlayer pattern available in three colorways. Like a collection of constellations, Starcrossed gives the striking appearance of stars in the sky, joined by a series of intersecting straight lines – the result is mesmerizing. This new Varia Ecoresin panel brings a linear, yet whimsical feeling to any space.

3form Borderline 600x450 Varia Ecoresin Collection \ 3form

Borderline, image courtesy 3form


The Borderline panels echo the linear motion of the Edge ceiling feature, combining to create a flow from one plane to the next. Perfect for a linear look with its sliced-and-diced appearance, Borderline is available in four interlayer selections. Its striated effect puts some of your favorite 3form organic interlayers into a whole new light – opening up new possibilities to tell the design story of your space.

3form Leaf Varia Ecoresin Collection \ 3form

Leaf, image courtesy 3form


Leaf Grand offers a large-scale foliage graphic that feels modern while retaining the freshness of the outdoors. Leaf expands the organic vision of a design with massive graphic print leaves in Varia Ecoresin with two available layup options. Zoom in to experience the delicate details of the leaf motif – either one giant leaf per panel, or with several smaller leaves gently overlapping for a cascade effect.

3form Mix 600x450 Varia Ecoresin Collection \ 3form

Mix, image courtesy 3form


Delve deep into the intricacies of linear patterns with Mix, a collection of Varia Ecoresin panels that add a new dimension to the standard stripe by combining interlayer types in an attractive amalgam.



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