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• December 3, 2012

Recepcion 2 600x400 Ymedia \ Stone Designs

courtesy Stone Designs

The Ymedia Project has represented a major professional challenge for Stone Designs.

It has been that way because of enormous space, 1200 sq. m, shared by three different companies, each of which with their own specific needs.

Ymedia 2 600x403 Ymedia \ Stone Designs

courtesy Stone Designs

Maybe the fact of conceptualizing it while we were in Tokyo had a great influece of Japanese values and habits on the project, so we did not focus so much in the global space but in the well-being of the people who would work there.

Ymedia 1 600x400 Ymedia \ Stone Designs

courtesy Stone Designs

The objetive was making the people that work in Ymedia feeling as they were at home. The employees well-being has a reflex in the office good working.

Wink 6 600x400 Ymedia \ Stone Designs

courtesy Stone Designs

We have used a small range of materials in order to obtain a simple and coherent view. Both the furniture and the interior design try to bring landscapes to our minds, as in the case of the table dividers, which recreate a sunset in the horizon.

The oak tree has been the main material, and it has been mixed with different and intense colored fabrics. Stone Designs has tried to take nature into Ymedia offices.

Salas de reuniones peque 2 600x442 Ymedia \ Stone Designs

courtesy Stone Designs

In short, we were looking for a revolution in the office relationships, creating a real, authentic and excellent work atmosphere.

+ ABOUT Stone Designs

Stone Designs is the story of its two creators and their seventeen years developing their projects from a personal perspective, without censure or filters. This attitude allows them to concentrate on designing and being committed to who they are.

Being this way, Stone Designs has worked for many important companies around the world, such us Muji, Lexus, De Beers, Coca Cola, Havaianas, Procter & Gamble and L’Oréal among others; and have also exhibited and given lectures in the most important international fairs and events.

What is the difference with Stone Designs? It is simply that they tell real stories, from inside, sincere and full of experiences. They always show themselves whenever they create something, with naturalness and overflowing energy.

+ All images and drawings courtesy Stone Designs

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