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• January 27, 2013

AS Design Peak One 6 600x424 Fashionable Apartment in Peak One \ AS Design

courtesy AS Design

The “Fashion” under the sunrise is more poetic.

Designers Four Lau and Sam Sum have always wanted to design a fashion art-themed boutique hotel-style apartment, they think fashion elements should not be limited to use as clothing only. The homeowners of this design project are in the fashion business, and they even possess higher requirements in quality of life than most people, so the designers injected a large number of art nutrients into this project.

AS Design Peak One 8 600x424 Fashionable Apartment in Peak One \ AS Design

courtesy AS Design

The beautiful and varied lines of fabric and embroidery will become the main elements of the clothes themselves, like matching clothing fabric with the same principle, as long as they were used appropriately, the clothes would be comfortably worn. Designers used wood materials, fabrics and embroidery to match with a variety of warm colors, and to connect the whole house by a horizontal line, makes an ordinary residential space to become extraordinary, to be more comfortable and refined. Considered the use of art elements in the design, to hide the TV screen with a giant embroidered canvas, and would only be aware of the warmth of an electronic stove and the comfort of the sofa.

AS Design Peak One 12 600x424 Fashionable Apartment in Peak One \ AS Design

courtesy AS Design

AS Design Peak One 7 600x424 Fashionable Apartment in Peak One \ AS Design

courtesy AS Design

The sun shines on the elegant curvy wall and its golden finishes, like a piece of flashing cloth, adding a softer and a touch of humanity to the stiff walls and cabinets. The piece of cloth that was hanging on the wall of the corridor was embroidered with irregular nature patterns that were commonly seen on clothing, creating an even more artistic atmosphere. The linear dining table and the fiber decorated chandelier in the dining area were even more thematic, and the glass showcase was inspired by the window of the jewelry store.

The dream wardrobe in the master bedroom add dreamy elegance with a thin translucent window screening effect; the decorative motifs screen and the one-piece mirror could be opened or hidden. Homeowners could enjoy the world class luxurious hotels style with the upscale master bathroom at any time. Precious jewelries were placed inside the bedside cabinet with the glass jewelry showcase design, shows the twinkling and grandeur of the jewelries. Designers put an elegant mark on the glass windows at the balcony, which makes the apartment to become a unique piece of art.

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Project Name: Fashionable Apartment
Location: Peak One, Hong Kong
Category: Interior Design
Tag: AS Design Service Limited , Peak One, Fashionable Apartment
Designer Firm: AS Design Service Limited
Photography: AS Design Service Limited

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