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• January 12, 2013

dest lampshadeofgrey 03 SMALL 600x726 lampshadesofgrey \ Destilat

courtesy Destilat

dest lampshadeofgrey 02 SMALL 600x748 lampshadesofgrey \ Destilat

courtesy Destilat

lampshadesofgrey is destilat’s latest comment on a popular design theme – the reinterpretation of more or less ‘good old’ items.

Old, fabric-covered lampshades are undressed and freed from their mildew of past decades. Only their supporting structures and a vague idea of their former shapes remain.

Their wire frames may have been hidden under fabrics in their respective original versions but now these structures serve a far more exposed purpose for this new design – they become aesthetic highlights.

The lampshades’ fabrics are replaced by the wire frames’ patterns of light and shadow on the surrounding walls. The lampshade’s original function as a diffuser is replaced by its new role as a shadow-caster.

+ Designer: Destilat

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