Make A Modern Home With Sliding Doors

• January 4, 2013

IMD 1 600x465 Make A Modern Home With Sliding Doors

Interior design is about much more than paint colours, furnishings and flooring. While these are often the areas upon which people fixate, a modern design aesthetic really requires that some attention be paid to the more fundamental components of the property. After all, a chrome and white tile kitchen, no matter how lovely, is still going to look a bit odd when accessed via a country-style wooden door.

Sliding Doors in Interior Design

Doors are an essential element of design due to their function in dividing and closing off rooms, or opening them out to create a connection. A door should work as both a cohesive element of the design of the room it is in, and as a visual gateway to the next room which one might access through it.

Sliding doors fit perfectly into a modern aesthetic. Large glass-panelled doors can be used to give the illusion of an open-plan area while still providing sound insulation and division of various areas. When a true open plan experience is desired then the doors can be taken back for full access.

Sliding doors are also ideal for use in spaces where a traditional door might impact on the function of the room. Smaller bedrooms can be made more spacious by removing the need for clearance for a traditional door, and en-suites can be made more practical and space-saving by the same principle.

Sliding Doors in Exterior Design

Sliding doors and foldaway doors are also ideal for use with a modern patio. The melding of inside into outside and vice-versa has been an exciting design trend in recent years. The ability to feel as if you are in your garden while still benefiting from wind protection and insulation is delightful. Again, in summer months, the doors can be left open to bring the outside in and the inside out.

Large exterior glass sliding doors also help to provide one of the most important elements of the modern design aesthetic – natural light. The beauty of natural light simply cannot be underestimated, and is well enhanced with sliding glass doors.

There are a wide range of different sliding doors available that can be complementary to your modern home. Ironmongery Direct, for example offers a number of different options at their website, from folding patio doors to sliding pocket doors.

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