Senior Residence in Estepona \ Enrique Abascal Arquitectos

• January 3, 2013

Clemente Delgado 1 600x350 Senior Residence in Estepona \ Enrique Abascal Arquitectos

courtesy Clemente Delgado

The intervention develops the necessary adaptions to reuse an old abandoned building like a senior residence.

We propose a better relation between the garden-courtyard space and the building by itself, and the improvement of the principal access. We facilitate the movements in the parcel with clarity for its users. The access to the hall is resolved for vehicles buses, taxis. Also, the special vehicles like ambulances and services facilities are resolved by the east side entrance.

Fernando Alda 3 600x899 Senior Residence in Estepona \ Enrique Abascal Arquitectos

courtesy Fernando Alda

It is performed a public access from the north side, with a ramp to the ground floor level. In the primitive basement is organized the lobby with an entrance porch before, reception, telephone booths, toilets and access to elevators and access to the staircases.

Clemente Delgado 5 600x285 Senior Residence in Estepona \ Enrique Abascal Arquitectos

courtesy Clemente Delgado

From the lobby, through a ramp, is possible to enter to the lounge, which is at the level of the main garden. This room is proposed surrounded by an open green space and also a café and snack bar. The garden is adequate space for the development of outdoor activities, and is equipped with bar facilities, dance floor, and pergolas to support a walkabout, bocce games and other entertainment areas. The entire garden is at the same level, in order to ensure proper accessibility in the arrangement of the elements, establishing the connection with the initial level (lobby) by a ramp protected.

Clemente Delgado 7 600x319 Senior Residence in Estepona \ Enrique Abascal Arquitectos

courtesy Clemente Delgado

The two main stairs on both sides keep the rule requirements – protected enclosed stairs – and do not require structural changes in the main building, because they are external elements. The west-facing one is more public, and the east one connects to the service access accompanied by a forklift and service spaces on each floor to support the rooms.

The circulation in the room floors improves its clarity by the elimination of the ancient central core. The small single rooms are eliminated and a floor general room is proposed opened to the views of North Mountains of Malaga.

Fernando ALda 6 600x429 Senior Residence in Estepona \ Enrique Abascal Arquitectos

courtesy Fernando ALda

Rooms change by the elimination of its balconies, becoming a good diaphane interior space. Bathrooms changes to adopt the necessities of it use: special showers for elderly, non-skid pavement integrated with the rest of the local, and in the same level and others. Totally, there are 98 rooms, 6 are single rooms and 92 double rooms, for 190 residents maximum.

The room floors (2º to 7º) are complemented with special assisted bathrooms. Also, In all floors of the building, there are offices and auxiliary work rooms to have a correct working.

Service spaces are in the basement floor, and there, there are groups of rooms for facilities by type, warehouse and laundry

This transformation of the building layout allows getting a wrapped final image, with a skin which attenuates the denticulate. Creating surfaces where the reflection of the light is clear-cut.

+ Project facts

Building rehabilitation for a senior asisted residence. ISDABE complex

National road 340 km. 175. Estepona. Málaga. (Spain)

Enrique Abascal García (3/10/1953)
Miguel Díaz Zulategui (19/9/1954)

Estudio Enrique Abascal Arquitectos. GEYPE, Germán Álvarez de Cienfuegos.

Gerardo Sandar Núñez.
Antonio Lastres García-Testón

Dirección General de Patrimonio
Consejería de Economía y Hacienda
Junta de Andalucía

Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC)

Executive project: DECEMBER 2003
End of construction: JULY 2008


783,14 €

17.924,43 m2

+ All images and drawings courtesy Enrique Abascal Arquitectos


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