Wool Rugs: Get Inspired

• January 15, 2013

Does your living room lack a bit of warmth? Is it missing a bit of colour? Does it look a bit bare? Then a wool rug might just be exactly what you need to make your living space complete.

Why wool rugs? Because they’re totally natural, they offers incredible comfort, they’re extremely durable, they’re naturally fire-resistant, and they simply ooze quality.

We’ve picked out a few images to help you get inspired and think about the kind of look you want to create in your home…

wool rugs 1 Wool Rugs: Get Inspired

This hand-tufted wool rug features an abstract design based on plants and flowers, and incorporates turquoise hues, giving it a natural, almost slightly aquatic feel. If you like calming colours and designs inspired by nature, something like this may well appeal to you. The details in this rug work well as a counterpoint to a fairly minimal, and subtly rustic interior.

wool rugs 2 Wool Rugs: Get Inspired

This two-tone wool rug adds much needed softness and texture to a room dominated by clean lines and a hard wood floor. The neutral colours of the rug, furniture and walls are well balanced by brighter details such as the cushions and flowers.

wool rugs 3 Wool Rugs: Get Inspired

This Union Jack rug is a super-stylish option for those who like to mix the classic and the contemporary, as illustrated perfectly in this photo, where a weathered wall, paint-splattered ladder, and mismatched antique mirror combine perfectly with the faded Union Jack design to create a modern look with a quriky vintage flavour.

wool rugs 4 Wool Rugs: Get Inspired

Wool rugs aren’t just for living rooms, they can also be a perfect addition to a bedroom, making for a cosier, more inviting space. In this girl’s bedroom, a bright floral-patterned wool rug with a hot-pink background echoes and extends the colours and motifs on the wall art and pillow covers, helping to both unify and divide the room.

wool rugs 5 Wool Rugs: Get Inspired

Here’s another example of how rugs can be used to mirror other design features, in this case beach huts are accompanied by sea bird and crab cushions to create a playfully nautical theme that would suit a seaside holiday home brilliantly.


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