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• February 20, 2013

Reinier de Jong designed the REK bookcase.

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More than four years after we designed and created the very first REK bookcase for a private client, we have taken a few significant steps forward. REK has a new finish, is much lighter and we have made some great photos of it.

REK06 HIRES AdobeRGB98 1 600x399 REK bookcase \ Reinier de Jong

courtesy Reinier de Jong

What are books worth when there is internet, smart phones, tablets and e-readers? Not much at first sight. However, it is exactly these digital developments that enhance the appreciation of books. No longer functional carriers of information but rather artefacts representing one’s identity. It is not so much about the quantity of books anymore but what counts is a well-considered selection of quality books. Book shelves are therefore changing as well, from purely functional pieces of furniture to unique design pieces, equally important as the books they hold.

REK01 HIRES AdobeRGB98 600x399 REK bookcase \ Reinier de Jong

courtesy Reinier de Jong


REK was designed back in 2008 by Reinier de Jong as a bookcase that grows with your book collection. The fewer the books, the smaller the bookcase. The zigzag-shaped parts slide in and out to accommodate books in the resulting spaces. The books can also be arranged according to their size. The narrow spaces are excellent for magazines.

REK05 HIRES AdobeRGB98 1 600x901 REK bookcase \ Reinier de Jong

courtesy Reinier de Jong

The maximum dimensions of REK are: 202 x 228 x 36 cm. The original REK bookcase is finished with white HPL which gives it a cool and abstract look.

We recently introduced a new finish at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne: recycled HPL by Abet Laminati. The solid grey material creates a warm and intriguing result, especially on the edges where it looks as if it is seamlessly folded around the shelves. It is light grey with a texture that people associate with fine concrete or grey cardboard. REK is also available in a dark grey version of this material.

REK04 HIRES AdobeRGB98 600x399 REK bookcase \ Reinier de Jong

courtesy Reinier de Jong

Furthermore, the new REK has lost weight. It has the same dimensions as the first one but weighs only 80 kg. A lot easier to transport but above all, easier to slide. We have also improved the guidance and added a stop, making sure the parts do not slide out too far.

Photographer Peter van Dijk has captured the new REK in a former neon factory, a stone’s throw from our studio in Rotterdam.

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