Typographic Bookshelf \ Meb Rure Studio

• February 10, 2013

Turkish designer Mebrure Oral designed the Typographic Bookshelf.

+ Design statement

“Simple way to organize books.”
Designed to simplify organizing books and encourage to read more. Separating books into sections “has been read” and will be read” serves as reminder. Typographic elements and perpendicular lines act like bookends. Modern and stimulating appearance. Made by craftsmanship by cutting and assembling boards to create a hallow body and blocks. Strengthened with solid wood skeletal.

Designer: Mebrure Oral | www.meb-rure.com

Typographic Bookshelf2 on Concrete Wall 600x337 Typographic Bookshelf \ Meb Rure Studio

courtesy Meb Rure Studio

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  1. Philip says:

    Cool idea

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  3. panos says:

    cool typographic!looks really live!

  4. I cant believe how good the shelf looks and is still functional, acting as a book stop to.