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• March 19, 2013

From the design collection called Noèsis – in which movement becomes space – Futura is an expandable, flexible and functional modular storage unit with a stacked system. Futura expresses the concept of expanding an entire container object to make it wider in order to meet various functional needs into any home and office. The base unit moves on wheels extending the sliding shelf and taking with it the stacked cubes and their shelves. In this way there is a complete freedom of choice regarding the length desired, moreover there is the possibility of doubling the piece reflecting it horizontally. The object is volumetrically significant, but at the same time aerodynamic and it does not appear stationary and using it does not mean looking at it passively, but becoming active and interacting with it. Futura can be used in various guises, as a bookcase, as a display unit and the base unit can be used also as a bedside table, as a side table or a pouf, if used with a cushion.

Futura Lulghennet Teklè 08 600x400 Futura \ Lulghennet Teklè

courtesy Lulghennet Teklè & Agostino Gestri

Futura Lulghennet Teklè 600x400 Futura \ Lulghennet Teklè

courtesy Lulghennet Teklè & Agostino Gestri

+ Project facts

Dimension base unit: 60 cm H x 50/80 cm W x 50 cm D
Dimension module: 50 cm H x 50/80 cm W x 50 cm D
Colour: available in various colour

Where to buy:
Futura can be bought on the website of Lulghennet Teklè and at selected point of sale

Info designer:
designer: Lulghennet Teklè
country: Italy
e-mail: lulghennet@gmail.com
website: http://www.lulghennet.com
blog: http://www.lulghennet.wordpress.com
product launch: October 2012

Agostino Gestri

+ All images courtesy Lulghennet Teklè & Agostino Gestri

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