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• April 17, 2013

Los Angeles-based architecture and design firm, Standard, www.standard-la.com, is proud to announce the opening of Pressed Juicery in Beverly Hills. Inspired by the archetypical lemonade stand, the modestly scaled storefront space inhabits a 350 square foot indoor-outdoor wood “kiosk” on busy Bedford Drive. The Beverly Hills location is Pressed Juicery’s seventh to open, and the fifth of eight stores designed by Standard. Other locations designed by Standard include Westwood Village, Studio City, Downtown Los Angeles, Montecito, and three in San Francisco.

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The group of stores designed as the model for Pressed Juicery’s expansion across California and beyond, present a purposefully minimal environment created from a few, basic, natural materials and access to ample fresh air and natural light. The restrained design and minimal palette of rhythmically spaced white oak timbers, white subway tile, chalkboards and a concrete floor allows the juice to take center stage behind the counter.

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The oak timbers seemingly random pattern is based on the Fibonacci Code, a mathematical sequence frequently found in nature, such as in the branching of trees and the spirals of shells. This rhythmic spacing informs the design of the storefront mullions, juice wall, sales counter and suspended ceiling beams.

The collaboration between Standard and Pressed Juicery brings together two companies with complimentary values. Both fundamentally strive to achieve simplicity, balance and precision in their products, whether it be in the pure forms and minimal palettes of Standard’s architecture or in the unadulterated, custom extractions that Pressed Juicery creates fresh on a daily basis for its customers.

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For Standard, the directness and purity of Pressed’s unaltered natural ingredients, the outstanding flavors and vibrant colors resulting from their production process and the healthy lifestyle the company supports were the characteristics that led them to the idea of the lemonade stand as inspiration. Of the collaboration, Hayden Slater, co-founder and CEO of Pressed Juicery says,

Working with Standard has given us the ability to turn our aesthetic vision into a reality; refining the overplayed, rustic influence into something truly organic and modern, while not losing site of our roots.

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