Amagic Clinic \ ATELIERII

• June 25, 2013

ATELIERII has completed the Amagic Clinic located in Taipei City, Taiwan.

ATELIERII MG 6302 S 600x400 Amagic Clinic \ ATELIERII

courtesy Ivan Chuang

ATELIERII MG 6308 S 600x900 Amagic Clinic \ ATELIERII

courtesy Ivan Chuang

ATELIERII MG 6311 S 600x400 Amagic Clinic \ ATELIERII

courtesy Ivan Chuang

ATELIERII sec plan 600x400 Amagic Clinic \ ATELIERII

courtesy ATELIERII

+ Design statement from ATELIERII

Amagic Clinic have found a space located on the second floor of a six-storey building in Taipei City. They have at their disposal the main facade with a lot of light and large windows.

The strategy of the project is to keep the main elements relating to the treetops and light , not only used in order to achieve a greater and clearer perception of space, but to create the feeling of relaxation and warmth to lessen visitor’s stress from spending time in the small space with strangers and make it feel ordinary to go to clinic by routine.

ATELIERII yearned to make a powerful artistic statement that defeats the cold, rigid stereotype of medical spaces. Staggering of the ceiling not only brings an identity which alone does not inspire an awe effect but also enables in attaining the functional requirement of space.

The Interior of the clinic can be classified into two parts which compose of the functional components of the plan. The design can be broken down into the Reception area comprising of the public waiting space, the specialized treatment rooms & physicians consultation room.

The color scheme and lighting design are based on its corporate identity, color white , gray and black. Most area were painted in bright white and only use gray and black to accent some parts like the chairs and paving . The lighting and paving design helps defining the waiting and treatment area by using cool white and warm white light respectively.

+ Project facts

Design : ATELIERII /
Location : Taipei City, Taiwan
Area : 83sqm
Photography : Ivan Chuang /

+ All images and drawings courtesy ATELIERII

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