An insight into the future

• June 24, 2013

Dubai 2012 600x399 An insight into the future

Dubai, a city in the sky, is a miracle of the desert, where, next to each other, are gathered the biggest and the highest skyscrapers in the world. Looking at them, it is hard to believe that only half a century ago a place of this wonder was taken by one-store adobe houses with palm leaf roofs.

Nowadays Dubai holds the position of one of the most attractive tourists’ destinations in the world. New conditions demanded new architecture, which was imported from the western culture. Foreign architectures used their usual techniques in unusual conditions, creating Disneyland-like city that grows from sand and contrasts magically with Arabian culture, creating the feeling of mirage in the desert.

Western-style areas are being built for foreign specialists and remain the Dubai-for-tourists, while locals prefer traditional low-rises. This contrast of the past and the future determines the image of the city. See deals to discover Dubai architecture.

The symbol of Dubai ambitions are its Emirates Towers, surrounded by the area of gardens, lakes and waterfalls. Two triangular in base twin-towers, located on the central and the most important street of Sheikh Zayed, were finished in 2000. The complex includes 355 meters high office tower and 305 meters high hotel tower, which is the world third-tallest all-hotel.

The two metal-glass slender silhouettes towering granite stair-step basis became a seamark of the city in the desert. The triangular shape of the buildings, starting in the basis and remaining to the top, is a tribute to the land it stands on, as such a form is thought to have a sacral meaning in Islam.

Investing in tourism, Dubai ordered British company to build Jumeirah Beach Resort, including Jumeirah Beach hotel, Wild Wadi Water Park and luxury Burj Al Arab hotel. The grand hotel was to become the symbol of Dubai, therefore its shape had to be easily recognized and memorized. As a result, the hotel is better known under its nickname the Sail, which shape it repeats. The 320 meters high skyscraper is nowadays the most famous hotel in the world. Even those tourists who did not stop in it come to eat in one of its 10 restaurants, to watch at the world biggest atrium and aquarium with sharks or to enjoy the view of golden sunset over Persian Gulf from the glass panoramic lift. The Sail was built on the first of plenty artificial islands of Dubai – the other well-known attraction of Emirates.

The whole architecture of Dubai exists as if against the powers of nature and lows of local culture. The city is fighting gulf and sands, and winning by creating the alternative reality.

Dubai, a living dream of artificially created paradise on earth, gives an insight into the far future, in which humans will rule over natural elements, and attracts crowds of tourists seeking for the life magic in present.


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