Competition entry: Setubal Public Library \ AND-RÉ

• June 16, 2013

AND-RÉ recently has designed a design proposal for the competition entry for Setubal Public Library.

ANDRE Setubal Public Library 600x416 Competition entry: Setubal Public Library \ AND RÉ

courtesy AND-RÉ

ANDRE Setubal Public Library 1 600x326 Competition entry: Setubal Public Library \ AND RÉ

courtesy AND-RÉ

ANDRE Setubal Public Library 2 600x304 Competition entry: Setubal Public Library \ AND RÉ

courtesy AND-RÉ

ANDRE Setubal Public Library 3 600x326 Competition entry: Setubal Public Library \ AND RÉ

courtesy AND-RÉ

+ Statement from AND-RÉ


A project that depicts the essential foundations of the current office philosophy and our vision of architectural and methodological approach facing the contemporary reality.

A project developed based on concepts that favour a social architecture, embodied in a seductive and plastic language, one that responds effectively to the functional requirements.


The concept is developed with the purpose of controlling the external environmental conditions in order to manipulate the internal space.

It is an introspective system, developed around a central courtyard, as indeed occurs in many examples in the history of architecture, serving a purpose of reflective internalization and privacy. It is a way to focus the architecture in itself, like the
act of assimilating knowledge.

This space is a positive affirmation of expression of society’s need to move away from an external active, stressed and noisy environment, as an opportunity to reach balance and harmony.

The building, although being an organizational system that develops itself introspectively, it also opens up strategically into the urban fabric, rising punctually at two points, as cloth, allowing passage under the object, allowing the crossing, offering the interior, creating a distinct new urban reality, a protected space, understood as exceptional moment in the sequential chronology of urban routes, an invitation for a pause, enticing the discovery, inviting the crossing, welcoming the entrance, embracing the citizen.

The conscious choice of the circular shape provides a peaceful, almost implied relation to the context of confrontation. By its natural features, form is fluid, continuous, allowing a subtle, yet direct, relation with the environment. The circular shape allows the required intelligibility for the assimilation of the building.

The shape is not an imposition in the context, but a dynamic challenge to the environment.

+ Project facts

A social place, a space for culture and knowledge

Type: Competition Proposal for the Setúbal Public Library
Location: Setúbal – Portugal
Date: 2013
Area: 2.398 m2
Promoter: Setúbal Municipality
Architecture Team: Bruno André, Francisco Salgado Ré, Catarina Fernandes, Fernando Ferreira, Filipe Paixão
Engenieering & sustainability: AFA consult

+ About AND-RÉ

AND-RÉ is an award winning international office dedicated to the study, research and practice of architecture, design and art.

The office success has its base on the objective vision that addresses key issues of contemporary challenges.

The office marks its position in the emerging architectural panorama through innovative methods, creative spirit, pragmatism and a critical active attitude towards established contexts.

The constant goal is the pursuit of positive differentiated responses in a time of rapidly changing paradigms.

The studio is involved in projects of various scales and programs, with various examples of reference works and award-winning projects in the areas of architecture and design.

The office works with corporate, government and private clients, which have constant support in all phases of design, from concept to construction. This reflects an action based on dialogue, accountability and attention to detail, allowing high levels of quality, innovation and creativity in all projects.

The office has a multidisciplinary team, which brings together several generations and specialties, able to respond quickly and innovatively to various programs, typologies and the multiple demands of the contemporary world.

The company has the best partners and consultants and engineering specialties, who works in permanent dialogue in finding the best technical solutions.

The office collaborates regularly with international partners, allowing contextualized results and effective support to the clients.

The company is directed by the founding partners, the architects Bruno André and Francisco Salgado Ré.


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