Fair ISH Frankurt 2013 \ IDEARNA

• June 10, 2013

IDEARNA recently has completed the design for Fair ISH Frankurt 2013.

idearna koin 02 600x867 Fair ISH Frankurt 2013 \ IDEARNA

courtesy KOIN d.o.o.

idearna koin 04 600x843 Fair ISH Frankurt 2013 \ IDEARNA

courtesy KOIN d.o.o.

Our idea aim to reach in visitors’ everyday lives, to provoke reaction and to stand out in the crowd. We would not dare to tire them by exhibiting our full product line attached to surrounding walls as you are used to seeing that over and over again. We presented the beauty, quality and functionality of bath accessorise in a different manner.

idearna koin 07 600x402 Fair ISH Frankurt 2013 \ IDEARNA

courtesy KOIN d.o.o.

From the heart of our contrastingly designed space rises a white spiralling structure representing flexibility and ingenuity of the enterprise. Of course there is always room for individual interpretations, ideas, suggestions and interests in the gallery-like area while Koin’s distinctive reproduction of contemporary artwork by artists like Andy Warhol and others always makes an easy start to a fruitful conversation. On the other site, the design of both tables, where business is done, is sharp.

idearna koin 06 600x900 Fair ISH Frankurt 2013 \ IDEARNA

courtesy KOIN d.o.o.

What we intended to achieve is that enterprise Koin stands out – it’s center of attention. This fulfills best minimalistic black and white design. The spiral sculpture becomes the place where meetings and business deals occur. The reason to visit fair in the first place, isn’t it?

idearna koin 08 600x400 Fair ISH Frankurt 2013 \ IDEARNA

courtesy KOIN d.o.o.

The size of fair lot is only 30m2. All exhibited elements are product of company Koin and are sold in shops. The white spiralling structure is made out of bathroom handles in different sizes. Other art works are made from bathroom brackets. Bathroom accessories do not need to be just a dullsville intended to carry out their work. They could also be a work of art that diversifies your most intimate moments.

In the end

If you see people taking photos in front of your exhibition place, when managers are attract and business is done, you can say, that this design was successful.

+ Project facts

Project: Fair ISH Frankurt 2013
Architect: IDEARNA d.o.o. | www.idearna.si
Investor: KOIN d.o.o. Bathroom accessorize | www.koin.si
Photographs: KOIN d.o.o.
Project area: 30 m2


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