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• June 26, 2013

UnSpace has completed the interior design project for Treehaus restaurant/deli located In midtown Manhattan, it opened in December 2012.

treehaus7 600x900 Treehaus \ UnSpace

courtesy UnSpace

2763F 600x400 Treehaus \ UnSpace

courtesy UnSpace

treehaus1 600x400 Treehaus \ UnSpace

courtesy UnSpace

treehaus2 600x399 Treehaus \ UnSpace

courtesy UnSpace

+ Design statement from UnSPACE

TreeHaus is a specialty eatery where customers are able to taste famous chefs’ food and sample verities in one vast place. The idea was to create an open space where food, art, and found objects coexist. From the outside, there is no visible sign of food. What you see are just a few large visual objects scattered throughout.

There are three major elements. First is the 75 pieces of 20’ feet high cedar wood planks containing the cash registers, but slightly angled away from the main entrance to hide the function and amplifying the verticality of the wood. The Second element is the pure white walls containing hot and cold food with walls facing the entry and storefront, which acts as a sculptural element. The last element is the horizontal wood fins on the mezzanine, which is the sub element to the vertical cedar piece. When all these came together, it created a volume unique to the purpose of the space.

+ Project credits

Project Team
Ji Rook Kim, Sunmi Lee: UnSPACE. Raul Cabato Architect: Architect of Record.

Photographs: John Bartelstone Photography

+ All images courtesy UnSpace

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