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• August 18, 2013

6 lutronlights expertelectrical Awaken your Senses

Creating a beautiful home is a personal and time consuming project. Finding the right colour scheme and furniture are the first things that many people consider, and there are hundreds of places that you can find inspiration for this. Looking on websites like Pinterest among others, and reading architectural and interior design magazines allow you to see trends from all over the world and find out what sort of message you want your home to send.

A great way to give your rooms the element of luxury is to think about your senses and what sense you want each room to evoke. This makes the room not just a place, but an experience. Sight is obvious, you want things to look beautiful and that is what people will notice first; the colours, the patterns and the style that you have chosen. To expand on this, dimmer switches or electronic LED light systems are great as you can alter the level of lighting to suit the mood of the room. You can programme systems to change automatically, or manually change them yourself; the options that come with these systems are endless. Luton Graffik Lighting Supplier has an amazing range of these and they add beautiful depth to every room they are in.

Juxtaposition of textures is important too. Rough textured, natural looking woods give a rustic feel to each room and instantly make you think of good architecture and strength which is a wonderful feature. Smooth surfaces like marble or tile work in great harmony with these rougher pieces, as they bring a more polished, modern feel. So the effect that the room is creating overall is sturdy, strong and modern; it also sends the message that you have been bold with your interiors and adds confidence to your choices. People cannot help but touch surfaces like these, and mixing in different fabrics and patterns is a good idea too but less is more. Pick a few textures to mix in with each other and do not add any others; too many and the senses will be confused and the overall effect of the room can be lost.

Soothing sounds can instantly make a room more relaxing. The sound of running water is a particularly relaxing sound, so having a small water feature is a great way to attain this. Sliding doors that open on to a garden to hear birdsong or running water can add both light and sound to the room and are a great feature, particularly in bedrooms and living rooms. Sound systems are also a great way to bring soothing sounds into your home, visit E How for more details on this.

Creating a relaxing environment will bring you great pride in what you have created. They will create spaces where you feel fully relaxed and comfortable, and maximise the enjoyment you get out of your beautiful home.

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