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• August 6, 2013

image010 600x380 Cesbron new headquarters \ BODREAU Architecte

courtesy Daniel Garandeau

The new headquarters of the company group Cesbron is situated in the midst of nature in Saint Sylvain d’Anjou, near Angers. The main building arises next to a basin of 1800 m², where the futuristic ovoid seams to float. Both structures are connected with a vitreous tunnel. The stunning architecture plays with the contrast of the natural surroundings and the industrial activity of the group. The administrative building with a floor space of 2900 m² on three floors corresponds to its environment through the façade of larch wood. In contrast “the egg” conveys a high-tech look to the scenery.

France Cesbron IMG00276 20110308 0948 600x450 Cesbron new headquarters \ BODREAU Architecte

courtesy Daniel Garandeau

The multi-purpose hall in form of an egg is placed on the specular water surface like a promise to the future. Its surface made of ALUCOBOND spectra® evokes the texture of a real egg, whereupon the water is reflected in a mood of eternity.

BODREAU Architecte

France Cesbron Cesbron 3AC 31 600x399 Cesbron new headquarters \ BODREAU Architecte

courtesy Daniel Garandeau

The material is imbedding the oval smoothly and creates playful reflections of the daylight and calming impressions. The newly established water basin moisturized the air and thus contributes to the cooling of the buildings south side. This is part of the climatic concept. After only 5 months of operation the energy balance is positive. With a strong insulation, heat pumps and modern photovoltaic the company is pointing the way towards energy saving and sustainability. Underneath of the egg’s floor the whole air-conditioning technology is situated. The construction of the egg is consisting of a wooden substructure with a vapour trap and a four-ply insulation of mineral wool. The outer cladding of ALUCOBOND spectra® was cut in trapezoid forms and snuggles to the building’s three-dimensional form. Initially the architects considered the use of other materials as well, but only ALUCOBOND® could comply with all demands: a smooth surface, which adapts perfectly to the structure and convinces with its aesthetic effect.

+ Project facts

Company Headquarter – Cesbron – Saint Sylvain d’Anjou (FR)
Architect/Design BODREAU Architecte
Installer/Fabricator Tim Composites
Year of Completion: 2011
Product: ALUCOBOND spectra® Sakura
Photographer: Daniel Garandeau

France Cesbron Cesbron 3AC 29 600x404 Cesbron new headquarters \ BODREAU Architecte

courtesy Daniel Garandeau


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