Commitment to Details

• August 29, 2013

While designers and architects alike are touted for their bold ideas and forages into new and different as a refreshing change with the emphasis placed on the big changes of sightlines and first impressions it is the small details that make a project really work. It is the sum total of all the details that transform a room from a lovely room with heavy drapes to a Victorian design masterpiece. The aged wood fence simply looks like an old fence in need of paint without the added details of the wagon lawn center piece and oaken barrel planters. It is these small details that are often missed when engaged in a design project on your own. The outcome will be pleasing in most cases, but it will still be missing something.

commitment to details 1 Commitment to Details

The difference boils down to commitment. When a designer or architect set out to do a new project, they are committed to a vision and end result. Everything they do and plan is with a single purpose of continuity and congruity throughout the entire project or house.

When an individual tries to do the same thing, they like the look and are striving to achieve that but different factors come into play. The bookcase handed down from their grandmother has to stay regardless of style. They have always liked the convenience of the cupboards in a certain way so it is decided to replace them in the correct material but not to remove the island even though attempting a rustic colonial look. These things will have a definite effect on the overall look and feel but in fairness if the object of the project is both look and something that still feels like your home then it is forgivable.

Areas that still need to be worked on are the other little details that complement the design scheme. You will never be able to hit the nouveau design you are trying to achieve in a bedroom or sitting room using heavy draperies for window treatments and it will not be “right” as long as you leave the 6” heavy carved wood crown molding. This brings you back to the commitment of a designer. You will need to commit to changing the room not simply new furniture and draperies if you want to get it all right.

commitment to details 2 Commitment to Details

In kitchens, order the cabinets to match the look you are looking for, but do not forget to order the cabinet hardware that complements that look. Chromed handles and hinges do not work with oak once you have changed to a slate floor and a visit to the handle store is in order. The light fixtures are obvious but often overlooked. If wanting a modern and contemporary dining room, you will need to change ort the hanging chandelier with a more contemporary lighting fixture. These are the little details that will change the outcome from “very nice” to “wow”.

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