Cork anmals / Wine memorial by Conte bleu

• August 20, 2013

cork 7 600x400 Cork anmals / Wine memorial by Conte bleu

courtesy Conte bleu

cork 1 600x400 Cork anmals / Wine memorial by Conte bleu

courtesy Conte bleu

By using Cork animal, we can keep the cork in an entertaining way after drinking a bottle of wine. It is made of 5 pieces, and we can label it with a sticker on the shadow area to keep the track of the date, occasion, and the people we shared the bottle together. With Cork animal, we hope that people can recall the memory of pleasant moment they had when opening the bottle.

Life like a fair tale, memory and friend.

1. Write down the date, companions, and occasion on the enclosed sticker.
2. Attach the sticker on the shadow piece and assemble the product.
3. Place the cork on the product and keep it.

Size : 125 x 90 x 8mm (packet/1EA)
Material : ABS
Type : Pony / Dog / Reindeer / Cat / Penguin
Made in Korea
Designed by Conte bleu

+ About Conte bleu

Conte blue was founded by JYID( in year 2012. Under the slogan of  Life like a fairy tale, we research and manufacture Wine accessories and Home supplies. We do not constrain ourselves in designing sector, but mainly focuses on design consulting and manufacturing goods. The products of Conte blue which have been manufactured through diverse experiences and unique processes contain distinctive style.



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