Creating the Ideal French Aesthetic for your Bedroom

• August 17, 2013

The modern bedroom is often a multi-purpose space, which home-owners may use for everything from working out to completing work related projects. In addition to this, the room is also used a place to rest at the end of a long and tiring day, which means that it retains significance as one of the most crucial spaces in the whole of your living area.

This level of activity and subsequent confusion is not conducive to the development of a clearly defined living space, however, as while modern designs trends encourage multi-functionality it is important to use common sense and ensure that each room retains some sense of individuality. With this in mind, it is crucial that you cultivate a theme for your bedroom and its subsequent design.

Creating a French Aesthetic for your Bedroom: How to Cultivate the Continental Look

You may wish to create an understated and Parisian inspired theme for your bedroom, for example, which immediately lends itself to a romantic ambience. This is particularly ideal if you are part of a couple or simply want to retain your bedroom as a place of rest, and there are several practical steps that you can take to achieve such an aesthetic. Consider the following: -

  • Refine your Understanding of French Style: While the finished look of your Parisian inspired design must reflect your artistic vision, it may be worth refining your precise understanding of French style. Using your existing knowledge and passion as a starting point, the next step is to visit local antique stores, boutiques and even flea-markets to develop a greater sense of understanding. In addition to this, the process of researching French style will also enable you to select a specific design ethos, whether you decide to replicate a rustic French country look or use eclectic furnishings to create a Parisian bohemian aesthetic. Either way, this will be time well spent in your quest to adopt an accurate and inspirational design.
  • Draw Attention to your French Bed: In French design culture, your bed must serve as the focal point of any classic or contemporary bedroom. Whether you decide to purchase a traditional four poster rococo bed and canopy or simply opt for a more simplistic geometric frame, it is important that this dominates your bedroom space and commands the centre of the room. This can also be embellished with luxurious bedding and sheets, which should be compatible with the classic wood finish that distinguishes the vast majority of French furniture. To gain a clearer understanding of which frame would best suit your existing bedroom space, visit The French Bedroom Company and peruse a comprehensive range of styles and individual products.
  • Develop a Colour Scheme to Suit the Traditional Wood Finish: If we accept that French bedroom style is dominated by the traditional wood finish, it is important that your wider colour scheme remains compatible with this. You should therefore strive to create a rustic look throughout the room, initially by leaving all natural wood flooring and wooden beams unpainted. To emphasize this rustic, Parisian tone, you may want to consider adopting a classic French colour scheme that introduces white, cream, gold and black onto your walls and surfaces. In addition to this, try to maximize the amount of natural light that your bedroom receives, as this will optimize the impact of natural oak and maple.

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