Outside, Inside – Interior Design Inspired by Nature

• August 30, 2013

3 canvasrepublicb Outside, Inside   Interior Design Inspired by NatureNature inspired interior design doesn’t have to be all about the color of your walls. While sand colored paints and forest green accents have their place, to really make a design statement you should embrace bold and artistic; don’t just nod to nature – really bring the outside inside.

Natural Surroundings – Every space benefits from natural light, but windows are not just about letting light in. If your living space benefits from awesome views, make the most of it. Frameless glass windows can be engineered in wall-sized panes. If your bedroom aspect doesn’t afford a panoramic view, consider putting a glass wall into a downstairs space and drawing your garden into the living room or kitchen. Use colors that complement the natural spectrum of your garden – this doesn’t have to be simply greens and browns; a fuchsia bush on the patio can be brought inside with fusicia pink cushions or perhaps mirrored on a wall canvas – places like Canvas Republic print any photo onto canvas and it couldn’t be easier to snap a photo of a garden focal point and replicate it in your living room.

Natural Materials – Wooden furniture and surfaces should be unfinished or simply waxed wherever possible. Slate or stone flooring in kitchens and bathrooms coupled with unpainted woods such as natural oak and pine give an authentically natural feel. Alternatively, opt for bamboo flooring for an eco-friendly option. Bamboo is a rapid replenishment wood as well as being hard wearing and beautiful. Accessories with polished pebbles, beeswax candles and, if you have a creative bent, consider driftwood for DIY projects such as frames, lamps and coffee tables.

Natural Shapes and Images – Nature inspired motifs are easy to work into any room. Floral prints on curtains and soft furnishings can be kept modern and fresh by choosing large prints and keeping to only two or three colors. Wall stickers – vinyl self-adhesive images that can be smoothed onto any flat surfaces – come in a variety of natural patterns. Trees, birds and flowers on your walls in complementary accent colors can soften a room and add focal interest. If you want a bolder statement, try a wallpaper mural and turn an entire wall into a forest or beach. Acting in the same way as a window wall, but without the expense or need for an impressive outside space, a wallpaper mural can totally transform a room. Keep all other décor very simple and neutral to avoid overwhelming your space.

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