Redefining your Kitchen Space for the Modern Age

• August 20, 2013

In days gone by, the kitchen was considered to be little more than a functional room where food was prepared and distributed. It was essentially a place of industry, while its floor and work surfaces would often be cluttered with accessories. It was certainly not a place where you would consider entertaining people, as it would remain clearly sectioned off from adjoining recreational rooms such as the lounge and dining area.

Modern design trends and outlooks have altered the general perception of the kitchen, however, to the point where it is now considered as a multi-functional space that meets numerous expectations. Increasingly design led and inspired by a host of contemporary ideas, the modern kitchen has the potential to be utilized in various scenarios.

Remodelling your Kitchen for Contemporary Times

It is important to bear this in mind, especially if you are planning to remodel your kitchen at some point in the near future. While the style and visual aesthetic that you adopt must reflect your own individuality, there is nothing wrong with understanding the prevailing trends and determining how they can be integrated into your proposed designs. Consider the following: -

The Tone and Placement of Lighting

In terms of design, kitchen lighting is now more advanced than it has ever been. Take strip lighting, for example, which provides an energy efficient source of illumination that can cast your kitchen in various shades and tones. Depending on the nature of your design and the precise mood that you are looking to cultivate, strip lighting allows you flexibility in the pursuit of your goals. The advent of plinth and wall unit lighting also affords you the opportunity to create various shades and angles of illumination, which is crucial in the quest to establish a changeable tone and ambience. To learn more about these types of lighting and their advantages, consider visiting an online retailer such as Bright Lightz and perusing their product range.

The Benefits of a Minimalist Kitchen

The days of cluttered gangways and littered work surfaces are over, as the modern trends in kitchen design tend to be driven by a minimalist ethos. To help achieve this, contemporary kitchen designers have sought to integrate increasingly innovative storage solutions into their products, which allow home-owners ample space without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the room. Ceiling high wall units have become particularly popular, for example, as they optimize space that was typically neglected in previous kitchen designs. Hidden storage solutions are also gaining credence in the current market, especially in compact new build properties where space is at a premium.

The Age of Multi-Functional Appliances

It stands to reason that if you wish to create a diverse and multi-functional kitchen space, you must first invest in fixtures and fittings that lend themselves to this purpose. With this in mind, multi-functional and dual action appliances are a must in the modern new build kitchen, as they conserve space while also maximising energy efficiency. Consider the benefits of combined washing machines and tumble dryers, for example, which are enjoying something of a revival in the contemporary market as home-owners look to establish a truly modern kitchen space. The same ethos also applies to the increasingly popular concept of a kitchen island, which provides a functional and diverse work surface while also allowing for additional, hidden storage.


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