Riven Oak from Indigo Furniture

• August 29, 2013

With a nod to urban design finding its roots in the masculinity of the Industrial Revolution, Riven Oak is the latest design range from Indigo Furniture. As you might expect from a brand that has found its way onto the album cover for Muse’s epic “Black Holes and Revelations”, Riven Oak is something out of the ordinary. British furniture design at its best.

Built from oak beams produced at a traditional family run sawmill on the Baltic coast and hand forged cast iron, Riven Oak is the ultimate blend of rural and urban; the rustic ‘raw’ finish, complete with saw marks blended with Indigo’s trademark industrial robust design gives this modern design a timeless beauty.

Feeling that the uniform perfection achieved with modern precision equipment was not in keeping with their vision, Indigo Furniture instead tracked down a war time Ripsaw and refurbished it, bringing it back to full working order and using it to give Riven Oak it’s characteristic circular saw marks and ‘one of a kind’ finish.

Indigo prides itself on what it describes as “furniture that’s built for life” – presumably referring to their high quality design and hand finished production, along with their fifteen year guarantee, though this motto seems also to speak to the feel of this furniture; that it is design with living in mind – practical and beautiful in equal parts, with the natural beginning of each piece ever evident in the careful retention of character flaws in timber, the uncompromising rawness of the materials.

Untitled 3 Riven Oak from Indigo Furniture

For those concerned that hardwood furniture is not exactly eco-friendly, take comfort in the fact that Indigo Furniture take care to replace the trees they use in their furniture and on top of that, work with The Woodland Trust to do their bit for the environment. They have planted over 6000 trees to date above and beyond replacing the resources they take to make their furniture. Design with an eco-edge is just another example of the ways that Dave Castle and Mike Gregory bring traditional furniture making into the 21st century.

Stunning modern furniture design doesn’t need to be all about carbon fiber and utilitarian minimalism; with Riven Oak, Indigo Furniture has proved that contemporary design really can be ‘built for life’.

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