T2 Headquarters \ Landini Associates

• August 10, 2013

Showcasing the creation of a new life for an old building, Landini Associates brief was to restore the former Collingwood industrial warehouse into the new headquarters base for T2.

T2 Headquarters 06 600x243 T2 Headquarters \ Landini Associates

courtesy Landini Associates

The aim was to respect and celebrate the original building, while creating a dramatic statement to represent the T2 company’s ethos. Throughout the building, timber beams, columns and brick walls were sandblasted to bring back their original finish whilst a few scuffs and marks are kept as a remembrance of its history. This was contrasted with T2’s trademark dark, streamlined pallet.

Perceived constraints were turned into an advantage, exploiting various levels within the warehouse while designing a unified space. This was due to the site being located on a sloped block through to the rear street. This resulted in creating a different arrival experiences for both the public and staffs.

T2 Headquarters 05 600x447 T2 Headquarters \ Landini Associates

courtesy Landini Associates

With the street frontage lower than the general entry, the public is ushered into the space through an oversized steel framed pivot door into a double height space. Led by concrete steps, guests are greeted by a spotlighted oversized T2 logo featured in incandescent light bulbs. To the left of the entrance is a Tea Bar, a façade reception. It is an informal place to stop, drink and chat to guests, personifying T2’s identity. This space also acted as the trial concept for T2’s latest tea-retailing concept T2B, which similarly features a large cast concrete bar and Tea Library.

T2 Headquarters 04 600x450 T2 Headquarters \ Landini Associates

courtesy Landini Associates

In comparison, the staff entry is from the upper level rear car park, from where they walk down onto a lavish catwalk in the center of the office warehouse. This acts as both a uniting feature and the sites backbone, yet separates the space into two. Both sides of the railings feature different faces. One, a clean line façade featuring a sleek black steel panel that hides the catwalk, while the other featuring a warm and raw industrial finish, with a timber panel, exposed steel and mesh steel frame balustrade.

While the rawness and industrial experience is continued upstairs to the tea making and tasting workshop and CEO’s office, a completely different colour palette is entertained. It emphasizes a white, clean space, encouraging light and nature to transfix the room through the opened windows.

T2 Headquarters 02 600x270 T2 Headquarters \ Landini Associates

courtesy Landini Associates

The development marks a new era for T2, providing and innovative and functional office space that reflects a deep understanding of culture, urbanity, and of course, celebrates the centuries-old art of tea-making.

+ Project facts

T2 Headquarters

Project Design Practice
Landini Associates

Project location
Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia


Project design team
Mark Landini
Wenny Arief
Isti Yudibrata
Sarah Maclsaac

+ All images and drawings courtesy Landini Associates

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