The Leading Trends in Bathroom Lighting – How to Embellish an Existing Space

• August 19, 2013

7 bathroom lighting cabinets illuminated mirrors The Leading Trends in Bathroom Lighting   How to Embellish an Existing SpaceWhile the British economy can scarcely be described as buoyant, it is beginning to showcase genuine signs of recovery. After recently avoiding a triple-dip recession, the coalition government have also announced a fall in the amount of national borrowing and improved sentiment in the employment, new car sales and housing markets.

Although it is fair to surmise that this recovery remains mired in uncertainty and anxiety, it is at least allowing consumers a window of opportunity to achieve some of their financial goals. In terms of the real estate market, for example, rising demand and soaring property value means that home-owners who are keen to sell have an excellent chance of marketing their abode and achieving a reasonable price.

Optimising your Bathroom Space: The 3 Leading Lighting Trends

When it comes to adding value to your home for the purpose of resale, there are two main rooms that you should focus on. The first is the kitchen, as this increasingly multi-functional and design led space is now a leading priority among potential buyers. The second is the properties main bathroom, which can now be optimized into a luxury space without the investment of significant capital. Consider the following trends in bathroom lighting and how they can boost the visual appeal of your existing space: -

LED Sensor Lighting

Historically, LED lighting was considered as a functional but visually unappealing form of illumination. While its reputation as a cost and energy efficient source of lighting remains unchallenged, however, the fourth and fifth generation of LED fittings have also evolved in terms of the design and aesthetic appeal to home-owners. Innovatively placed sensor lighting is now particularly popular in contemporary bathroom design, as it offers variable shades of illumination while also providing home-owners with a chance to reduce their energy consumption and save money over a concerted period of usage. In an age where consumers are increasingly demanding, LED lighting no long forces them to make a choice between function and style.

Illuminated Mirrors and Demister Cabinets

Just as plinth lighting has revolutionized the way in which contemporary kitchens are embellished, so too illuminated mirrors and cabinet fronts have changed the perception of bathroom lighting. The installation of illuminated mirrors and reflective cabinet surfaces is a leading bathroom lighting trend in 2013, with a range of innovative products accessible through leading national suppliers such as Powerful Vision Ltd. The development of demister bathroom cabinets has taken this design idea onto an even higher plane, however, as these fittings feature an advanced heating device that removes liquid droplets from a vapour stream while eliminating mist and condensation.

Ambient Backlit Cabinet

Continuing the theme for diverse and innovative lighting, this year has also seen rising demand for ambient backlit bathroom cabinets. Featuring a fluorescent bulb that is placed either under or behind the cabinets frame, this type of product allows home-owners to enjoy a subtle shade of light that is ideal for establishing a romantic and intimate mood. Bulbs can even be sourced in an array of different shades and colours, meaning that consumers can select a fitting that best reflects their individual personality and tastes. Ambient backlit cabinets also serve a practical purpose, however, as the type of light that they cast is ideal when used for the purposes of shaving or alternative grooming exercises.


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