The Leading Trends in Outdoor Lighting

• August 16, 2013

As British residents continue to bask in a hot and glorious summer, there is a desire among home-owners to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Given the changeable nature of British weather and an increasingly cold climate, it stands to reason that citizens should be keen to make the most of any prolonged sunshine or warmth.

As a result of this relative heat wave, the demand for patio furniture and garden paraphernalia has soared alongside growing consumer confidence. Outdoor light fittings have proven to be a particularly popular purchase this summer, as the development of increasingly diverse designs have enabled home-owners to keep their parties going without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their garden space.

3 Prominent Trends in Outdoor Lighting

With this in mind, it is worth evaluating the leading trends in outdoor lighting and how they are being represented in gardens throughout the UK. Consider the following options: -

  • The Fusion of Safety and Aesthetic Design Principles: Across all contemporary design trends, there is a growing drive to create practical, safe and aesthetically pleasing fixtures. This ethos is also driving the outdoor lighting market, with the latest generation of products boasting a range of visually stunning designs and highly evolved safety features. This ensures that home-owners can maintain the safety and integrity of their property without compromising the visual appeal of their garden. In terms of functionality, modern fittings are also extremely energy efficient and therefore have the capacity to save citizens considerable sums of their hard earned money.
  • The Integration of Mini-Lights and Outdoor Spotlights: If modern kitchens have been revolutionized by the integration of plinth and wall unit spotlights, then outdoor illumination has been influenced in a similar manner. The installation of twinkling mini-lights and spotlights can help to create swathes of illumination throughout your garden space, and these fittings are particularly ideal for patio decking and fixed stair rails. Solar powered fittings are also particularly popular, and these products can be used to illuminate decoratively adorned flower beds. Not only do these fittings create a romantic and relaxed ambience, but they are also cost-effective and easy to install.
  • The Development of Lightweight Polyethylene Light Balls: In the quest to capitalize on advanced design techniques, consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to their selection of fittings. One of the most prominent recent design trends has centered around lightweight polyethylene light balls, which boast a unique aesthetic appeal and can be purchased to fulfill an array of different purposes. While there are rechargeable, battery powered fittings that have been designed to float in swimming pools and offer clear illumination, for example, other products have been developed in a variety shapes to suit the contemporary backyard.

The Bottom Line

With such an array of outdoor lighting options available, the contemporary consumer is spoilt for choice when it comes to developing their garden space. They are particularly fortunate to have access to such a diverse range of multi-purpose outdoor light fittings, with the majority of modern designs fulfilling practical, safety and aesthetic requirements. To peruse this range of options as a consumer and take the first steps towards bring your creative vision into life, visit the Scotlight Direct, Online Lighting Superstore website and make your initial enquiry.


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