Tips for Furnishing a Student House

• August 15, 2013

If you’re a landlord, you want to keep costs to a minimum when furnishing a student house whilst still creating a space that’s pleasant to live in for your tenants. So here are some tips for creating an affordable yet appealing interior.

Buy in bulk

If you’re starting from scratch with your student property, the chances are you’ll need several beds, wardrobes and desks at the same time. Obviously you could head to a store and get a few of everything, but if you buy from somewhere that sells packages of furniture especially for landlords, you could save yourself some money. Plus, it’s much simpler to buy a pre-arranged package of furniture. You know you’ll get it all at the same time and don’t have to worry about a store not having several of the same item in stock. David Phillips sells student packages that will make furnishing your interior a walk in the park! You can check out the products on their website here.

Don’t skip the finishing touches

Students are notorious for living in a scruffy environment. If you want to minimise damage and encourage your tenants to keep a clean house, then it’s important they feel like it’s a property they really want to look after. Adding potted plants and canvas paintings to the house and investing in little extras will make the property feel like a home from home, and the chances are they’ll probably respect the effort you’ve made to make it nice for them. There’s also the added bonus that you’re much more likely to fill the house quickly, and the demand for high standard student housing means you’ll probably be in a position where you’re able to hand pick your tenants. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. For money saving ways on making a house homely, take a look at this Pinterest board.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

If you want your house kept clean, then make sure you provide a trusty vacuum cleaner. Pick one that’s good quality and isn’t likely to break. If your tenants are girls, especially girls with long hair, this is particularly important as nothing breaks vacuum cleaners quite like hair. Gross but true.

Provide a notice board

Blu-Tack leaves grease marks behind on the paint, so unless you’re prepared to re-paint your property each year, it’s a good idea to provide a notice board in each bedroom. Obviously there’s no guarantee that your tenants won’t still Blu-Tack things to the wall, but you could make a point of asking them to use the notice board instead. If you’ve followed the previous steps, you may have been able to choose tenants that you know will respect your wishes for the property, so hopefully they’ll listen.

Steer clear of carpet

Wooden and tiled flooring is much more student-friendly than carpet. Inevitable student parties will leave your carpet stained with drinks and stinking of beer, so mop-able flooring is a must. It’s also much more modern, light and airy and will make the property even more attractive to potential tenants. To keep costs down, look out for offers and deals on wooden and tile flooring for a few months prior to fitting it to save yourself a bit of cash.

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