Todays Fridges…What’s in?

• August 31, 2013

Todays Fridges…What’s in?

In any catering business, it is, ultimately, the product, the staff and the equipment who remain crucial. Whilst you (unfortunately) can’t always control the productivity of employees, you can shop for the best in kitchen features. In today’s market there is an impressive range of specialist product to suit any independent, café, bar or restaurant.

Of course, one of the most relied upon devices in hospitality is the humble fridge- which works as a backbone somewhat to the standard of food service. Fridges are essential to maintaining optimum food safety, appearance and taste. In the current revival of the glorious British summer (long may it last!) a visit to Fridgeland might be just what a small business needs when selling all their Summertime treats…

So what should be in any self- respecting shop fridge this summer?

Foodie trends reign supreme and the latest is the ‘mocktail’ inspired ice- cream- ice creams with an alcoholic lending. Traditional run’ n’ raisin has been updated to a plethora of exciting flavours including a combination of lemon sorbet, Pimm’s and ginger beer dubbed the ‘Pimm’s Float.’ Pimm’s is a long standing British favourite brought up to date in this fresh take on the drink.

Locally brewed beer is also enjoying a revival. In 2012 there were more than 1 million American homebrewers. Sometimes referred to as ‘mad brewers,’ the craft beer community blend beer styles and search out rare ingredients. Even young British folk rock band, Mumford and Sons have announced decision to brew their own whisky as a break before writing material for their new album. India Pale Ale has grown in demand with new formulations in July 2013 taking creative names including Tired Hands Sunbather, Tired Hands Be Nice and Salopian Boomerang

The penchant for alcohol infused ice- cream and beer is combined in the rising popularity of beer flavoured ice- cream as a dessert. While rum’ n’ raisin is a firm favourite, new variations are more difficult to perfect, inspiring much experimentation. Humphry Slocombe is a San Francisco based ice cream shop that creates a range of beer flavoured ice creams every year for the city’s Beer Week. The process involves vastly reducing the beer before adding mild and cream, often the mixture needs small amounts of beer to be added to enhance and hone the flavour. If you fancy stocking your fridge with a hot beer- ice cream hybrid, have a go at Victoria Johnsons’ recipe here-

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